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Triple Crisis Teach-In report

Monday, September 17, 2007

As Amanda said, I did go to amazing teach in, Confronting the Global Triple Crisis - Climate Change, Peak Oil, Global Resource Depletion & Extinction, held this weekend in DC. The teach in featured numerous activist and experts, including Vandana Shiva, Jerry Mander, Ross Gelbspan, Jeff Goodell, Richard Heinberg, Wes Jackson, Frances Moore Lappe and David Korten.

While I am still collecting my impressions and encouragement that I got there, I would just like to convey the message of hope that I got from my favorite author, David Korten.

I have been a fan of David Korten since I first read his amazing book When Corporations Rule the World. Since then, I read numerous other books and articles written by him and had a chance to see him speak twice. His solution-oriented activism was and still is an inspiration to me and I hope that you have the chance to see him.