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EnviroHealth in Blogs: Organic growth. . . kind of.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Organic_industry.jpg A little pre-vacay light reading. Enjoy!

You may not know Phil Howard by name, but you probably know his work -- and if you don't, Ethicurean can help.

Once again, the market steps in where government fears to tread. Once mainstream media caught onto the Popcorn Worker's Lung story, microwave popcorn manufacturers realized they had better step it up or risk taking a hit from the controversy. Commentary at Effect Measure.

David at Solve Climate has an eyewitness report of the Bali conference on global warming, and it's something you probably won't hear a lot about in mainstream media. The US rejected the compromise language during the last session of the event, and this was the reaction:

Then occurred one of the most remarkable sounds that has perhaps ever been heard in the annals of international diplomacy--like a collective global groan--descending then to a murmur, then increasing in volume to a full-throated expression of rage and anger and booing and jeering, lasting for a full minute, so that finally the Minister had to call the meeting back to order.

Gosh, guys, you'll never believe this, but there's evidence that hexavalent chromium may cause stomach cancer. I guess ChemRisk couldn't get their hands on this report. The Pump Handle has the details.

Mindful Momma Micaela has the details on two websites to help parents keep track of recalls, which may prove especially useful after next week's holiday.