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Driving into the presidency

Friday, January 18, 2008

american_car.jpgIt's that time again when everywhere you turn, its all about presidential elections. Debates, political views and attacks (some personal, some not) are the hot topic of every conversation -- especially here in DC, the city that talks politics 24/7.

Not only are politics in fashion, green is too. A recent study shows that four out of five Americans want climate action now, the vast majority (88 percent) want the phasing out of fossil fuels in favor of clean, renewable sources, and three of four also want tougher federal fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles.

So, what do the two have in common, besides Al Gore wining Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar, while hanging out with Leonardo de Caprio? Much! The candidates so far have not focused much on the environment, but they had to focus on what they drive when they were in Michigan, a state that once was a safe bet for Democrats but has been shifting more towards Republicans in last few elections.

A opinion piece in The Detroit News questions what Presidential wannabes are driving and also if they practice what they preach.

So, here are the results:

The Republicans:

Mike Huckabee drives a Chevrolet Silverado truck while his family's main car is a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Just FYI, those two SUV's are also the biggest SUV's on the planet.

John McCain's wife drives a Lexus while his daughter owns a Prius hybrid. He drives a Cadillac.

Mitt Romney drives Ford Mustang convertible and a big Chevy pickup, while his wife drives a Cadillac crossover vehicle.

Ron Paul drives a Buick in DC, a secondhand Lincoln and Ford truck in Texas.

Rudy Giuliani does not own a car.

The Democrats:

Barack Obama owns a 340 HP Chrysler 300C. However, when his choice was made known to the public, he bought a more PC hybrid.

John Edwards drives a hybrid as well, but he was apparently caught driving a bigger SUV a while ago. He also own Chrysler Pacifica.

Hillary Clinton drives a fashionable Mercury Mariner hybrid, which by the way does not score all that well on mileage counts.

So, maybe candidates driving choices don't say much about their values on the environment. But, maybe they do, just a little bit. You decide.

Photo: American Car by tobyleah