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Envirohealth in Blogs: Factory farming the ocean, plus garlic up your nose

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A little light reading for your mid-week enjoyment. garlic for allergiesFactory farms in the ocean? Smorgasbord tells you what you need to know about offshore aquaculture.

Another way to reduce consumption: share stuff. What a novel idea!

Is gasoline made from bugs the answer? (I'm going to have to go with, probably not. Cool story though.)

Relocating the desert tortoise is the Army's latest challenge.

Siel takes a look at Al Gore's new slideshow, in which he hopes to inspire us to face the challenge of global warming with joy and gratitude. Watch the video!

How could I NOT link to a post with the title "Stick garlic up your nose"? (Allergy sufferers, take note!)

Photo: Gio JL