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Nothing HEHE about the HEHE initiative

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Different countries have different responses and initiatives to respond to the global rise of fuel costs. Here in the U.S., we drill more. In Bhutan, they walk more.

The new initiative by Dr. Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho, a Bhutanese agriculture minister, is called "No Vehicle Day." It's meant to raise awareness as well as fight rising fuel cost and the increase in carbon emission.

Starting this week, every Tuesday will be the "No Vehicle Day" for all employees of the agricultural ministry. The theme, "Helping our Environment, Health and Economy (HEHE)" according to this article is "aimed at reducing air and noise pollution, vehicular traffic, increasing public space, improving physical health and reducing costs to the national exchequer."

The minister not only initiated the action, but was also the first one to take it. Now, isn't that a lovely thought -- a politician that cares enough to actually do something about it. Maybe, it was a photo opportunity for him, as it usually is for most of the U.S. politicians. That, I don't know. But I respect the idea that something like this should be done once a week, in comparison to the U.S. where most of the similar actions happen once a year.

Staff welcomed the move. Besides the environmental and economic advantages, this program also has social benefits, as it promotes social relationships. Way to go Bhutanese leaders!