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Want some popcorn with your "Poisoned Waters"?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Special to Enviroblog by Michelle Perez, EWG's Senior Analyst.

Or maybe you're curious as to why endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the Chesapeake Bay may be causing transgender fish and frogs?

All joking aside, water pollution in the Chesapeake and Puget Sounds is a serious issue. At 9 p.m. Tuesday, 4/21, the PBS show Frontline is about to air a documentary called "Poisoned Waters."

Even though it's been 37 years since the Clean Water Act was enacted, our nation's water is plagued with:

  • Factory-scale animal waste;
  • Industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals that disrupt the endocrine system and cause bizarre sex organ mutations in fish and frogs;
  • Runoff from concrete jungles and sprawling exurbs that clog our streams.

Still want popcorn?

Seriously...our source and drinking waters are in desperate straits.

From the film:

Water pollution has slipped off our radar screen in the face of other, seemingly more urgent crises.... but pollution is a ticking time bomb. It's a chronic cancer that is slowly eating away natural resources that are vital to our survival.

I'll be watching and will report to you afterwards.

You can get a sneak preview here:

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