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When breast cancer has 'No Family History'

Friday, June 26, 2009

By Lisa Frack

A while back, EWG staff scientist Olga Naidenko wrote here about the need to focus breast cancer research on prevention - with an emphasis on the role of carcinogens. I was reminded of her post when I saw the film No Family History about the environmental causes of the disease. The filmmakers describe the film - which includes EWG's Research Director Jane Houlihan - this way:

No Family History turns the debate about breast cancer upside down by proposing before solutions about prevention, rather searching only for a cure.

A few dedicated experts tell the story of how they began to realize all the toxic exposures in daily life that could be causing the epidemic - toxics in their home and even their own personal care products.

A few dedicated breast cancer activists relate how they tried to improve regulations to prevent breast cancer, and how they have changed their own lives to make it safer.

See what you think: