Mineral Fusion’s EWG VERIFIED™ Products Heading to CVS Shelves

LOS ANGELES – Denver-based cosmetics and personal care brand Mineral Fusion will begin selling over 125 EWG VERIFIED™ color cosmetics in more than 300 CVS stores in California, making its product line more conveniently accessible to the health-minded consumer.  
“If you care about the ingredients in personal care products and want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, walking down the cosmetics aisle can feel overwhelming,” said EWG President Ken Cook, who attended last night’s event, where the brand announced its partnership with CVS. “Mineral Fusion is one of the leaders in the cosmetics industry looking out for consumers by providing healthier products. This announcement means millions of California consumers will be able to purchase its EWG VERIFIED™ products from CVS stores.”
Mineral Fusion’s EWG VERIFIED™ color cosmetics collection ranges from foundations to eyeshadows to blushes. The brand prides itself on offering on-the-go women with healthy color cosmetics.

EWG VERIFIED™ products must be free of substances EWG has put on its “unacceptable” list and meet limits for chemicals on EWG’s “restricted” list. Ingredients on these lists have been banned or restricted by U.S. or international government agencies, or other authoritative public health bodies such as the World Health Organization. Companies must also fully disclose the specific ingredients that make up their fragrance mixtures.


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