EWG statement on FDA industry guidance on lead levels in juice

WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration today issued draft guidance to the juice industry on levels of lead in apple juice and other ready-to-drink juice and juice blends.

The guidance provides an action level for lead in apple juice of 10 parts per billion, or ppb. That is 50 percent lower than the level of 20 ppb for other juices, because apple juice is the most consumed juice for children.

Lead exposure can cause serious health effects, including harm to the developing brain.

The following is a statement from EWG’s Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Scott Faber:

Today’s announcement does not go nearly far enough to protect children from lead in juice. There is ample evidence that juice companies can do much more to protect children from this toxic metal. The FDA is once again letting industry practices, rather than public health, drive its standard-setting. It’s progress that the FDA is even setting action levels, but today’s proposal falls far short of what’s needed to protect our kids.


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