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Areas of Focus

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Can plant-based foods end Big Meat’s monopoly and help the climate?

Meat prices are skyrocketing, in part because just four meat companies control 85 percent of U.S. beef supplies. In response, President Joe Biden this week introduced an action plan targeting...

More meat means more land use and even more greenhouse gases

Don’t believe the meat industry’s claims of embracing sustainability and using less land to produce more meat. Land use, and its associated greenhouse gas emissions, are rising. Plowing grassland and...

Decades after Congress’ orders, toxics still contaminate millions of schools

More than 40 years ago, Congress banned harmful polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, from schools. And it’s been 37 years since Congress directed schools to address asbestos. But today, millions of...

Cereal offenders: potentially harmful ingredients in ‘healthy’ breakfast food

Many breakfast cereals claim to be a healthy way to start the day. Their boxes feature cute, colorful characters and catchy slogans that attract children, and their promise of a “complete” breakfast...

Vinyl records’ revival threatens environment and health

Demand for vinyl records is soaring, but there’s something funky about this musical comeback – the energy and chemicals involved with producing the iconic circular discs creates pollution, adds to the...

Sacramento’s lead line removals sidestep drinking water safeguards

To reduce lead levels in drinking water, the city of Sacramento has removed thousands of lead pipes and fittings. But it seems to have sidestepped safeguards that would have ensured residents didn’t...

Winter warning: Avoid harmful chemicals when battling dry skin

It’s getting cold in many parts of the U.S., and our skin knows it.

Tackling food, farming emissions key to avoiding climate catastrophe

Even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today, greenhouse gas emissions from food and farming could make a climate catastrophe unavoidable.

Why food prices are rising – and how to save money on groceries

If you suspect your grocery bill is getting pricier, it’s not your imagination.

Decades later, plumes of ‘forever chemicals’ from Defense installations still contaminate nearby wells

Decades after polluting their well water, the Defense Department is still providing water filters and bottled water to at least 47 communities it contaminated with the “forever chemicals” known as...

EWG’s 2021 gift guide

It’s hard enough to figure out the perfect gift for some people on your holiday shopping list. It can be more difficult when you factor in a desire to protect the health of your family and the...

PFAS: What the Defense Department’s inspector general found, ignored and obscured

The Senate’s homeland security panel will hold a critical hearing this Thursday on a shocking inspector general report that found the Defense Department failed to protect service members and their...

Cosmetic face masks that pamper – without toxic chemicals

We could all use a little pampering these days – and cosmetic face masks are a great idea ever. But some are made with chemicals that might harm you.

New EPA data show banning ‘forever chemicals’ in cosmetics is overdue

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent revelation that the fluorinated “forever chemicals” known as PFAS are much more toxic than previously believed makes clear it’s beyond time to ban their...

Meat’s math problem is exacerbating the climate crisis

There’s broad agreement that a climate catastrophe is unavoidable unless we cut greenhouse gas emissions significantly. The transportation and energy emissions that contribute to the climate crisis...

Hosting for the holidays without serving up toxic chemicals

Here’s how to assemble a healthier charcuterie board this season.

FDA, not food companies, should decide whether green tea extract is safe

Consuming green tea is associated with several health benefits, such as reduced cancer risk, impacts on weight loss and lower LDL cholesterol. Credit for these effects often goes to a compound...

Keeping harmful food additives off your Thanksgiving table

Many of the foods commonly found on the Thanksgiving table contain two additives that can increase your risk of cancer and cause hormone disruption.

Five ways to protect kids from cellphone radiation during holiday travel

If you’re traveling with kids this holiday season, chances are they’ll use some type of wireless device for entertainment for at least part of the trip.

How to make your meal healthier this Thanksgiving

We’ve waited all year to feast on delicious Thanksgiving dishes. But it’s also important for the food to be safe, ensuring it’s free from harmful additives or pesticides.

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