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Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

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Are Chemical Companies Hiding Behind "Confidential Business Information?"

A chemical associated with dozens of popular consumer products has proven to be surprisingly toxic and pervasive. In response, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is conducting the most...

Aggressive and illegal damage control efforts

A routine-seeming government meeting this Friday marks the public debut of what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says is one of the most sweeping regulatory inquiries it has ever mounted...

Consider the Source

The first ever nationwide assessment of chlorination byproducts in drinking water, released by the Environmental Working Group and U.S. Public Interest Research Group, shows that more than one hundred...

Into the Mouths of Babes

Atrazine, the most heavily used herbicide in the United States, is a cancer-causing weed killer applied to 50 million acres of corn each year. After it is applied each spring, it runs off cornfields...

Nitrate Contamination of Drinking Water

An Environmental Working Group review of nearly 200,000 water sampling records found that over two million people -- including approximately 15,000 infants under the age of four months -- drank water...

Building a Balanced Meal

A few staple recipes, along with our tips on putting healthy meals together, will give you the tools to create a long-lasting, nutritious lifestyle in line with EWG's Cancer Defense Diet.

Keys to a Healthy Diet

What we eat is directly and intricately linked to our health. Not only can eating right help prevent many of the most burdensome diseases in America today, such as heart disease and diabetes, but it...

Serving Size and Frequency Guidelines

Food serving size and frequency guidelines
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