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Tips for a Healthy and Safe July Fourth Holiday

This July Fourth weekend, be responsible and respect local public health ordinances and social distancing guidelines. Whether you're planning to stay at home to grill in your backyard, or heading to...

Beware Toxic Algae Over the Fourth of July

Over the Fourth of July holiday, don't act like the crowds recreating in Grand Lake St. Marys, Ohio. With area pools closed due to the pandemic, people are flocking to the lake to cool off, despite...

10 Common Mistakes When Applying Sunscreen

Summer is in full swing. Finding a safe and effective sunscreen for you and your family is one component of your sun safety toolbox. And right in time for the Fourth of July holiday, EWG just updated...

Protect Yourself From Bug Bites With an Effective Repellent

Summer is here, which means it's also mosquito and tick season. As all 50 states reopen, more Americans are spending time outdoors and will need protection from bug bites.

EWG News Roundup (6/25): Nitrate Contaminates Farm Country Drinking Water, $10 Billion Settlement in Monsanto Weedkiller Case and More

This week, EWG released an analysis of nitrate contamination of drinking water, largely caused by polluted runoff from crop fields, across 10 states, affecting more than 20 million Americans. The...

In Final Decision, EPA Fails to Protect Public From Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Consumer Products

This week the Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule regulating the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS in consumer products. True to form for the Trump administration, the rule...

How the U.S. Can Have 90 Percent Clean Electricity by 2035

According to a new study, in just 15 years the U.S. can generate 90 percent of its electricity without coal-fired power plants or new natural gas plants – dirty energy sources that deepen the climate...

On Juneteenth – and Every Day – Support Environmental Justice

Today is Juneteenth. This year the holiday is especially meaningful, as people of all backgrounds have gathered to raise their voices and declare: Black Lives Matter. EWG stands in solidarity with...

Farm Bailout Payments Could Ignite New Front in Trade War

Bailout payments aimed at relief for farmers from the impacts of President Trump's trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic likely pushed 2019 federal farm spending beyond subsidy caps set by an...

Trump’s Energy Regulators Are Undercutting Growth of Renewables

Federal regulators' rule changes to prop up coal and natural gas power plants could severely disrupt progress toward a clean, renewable energy future – and cost 65 million mid-Atlantic and Midwest...

How Trump’s Consumer Safety Nominee Weakened Regulation of ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Consumer Products

There are many reasons for the Senate to oppose President Trump's nominee to chair the Consumer Products Safety Commission, Nancy Beck.

5 Sunscreen Myths Debunked

Since EWG released its first Guide to Sunscreens more than a decade ago, many things about the products have changed. But myths about sunscreens persist.

EWG News Roundup (6/12): Landmark California Cosmetics Bill Clears Hurdle, COVID-19 Afflicts Food Processors and More

EWG News Roundup (6/12): Here's some news you can use going into the weekend.

Federal Lawsuit Could Limit Fluoride in Drinking Water

A landmark federal lawsuit that went to trial this week in California could change the longstanding practice of adding fluoride to the drinking water supplies for 200 million Americans.

Everything You Need to Know About California’s Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act

A piece of legislation winding its way through the California legislature could be the biggest influence on U.S. cosmetics safety for close to a century. The bill would ban a dozen of the most...

Escaping Quarantine? Watch Out for Toxic Algae

With summer beginning and millions of Americans experiencing what feels like the thousandth week of quarantine, enjoying the outdoors is one of the few ways many of us can escape the claustrophobia...

COVID-19 Spreading to Food Processing Facilities Across the U.S.

Although not yet as pervasive as outbreaks at meatpacking facilities, COVID-19 is on the rise at America's food processing facilities. EWG's search of news stories published from March 14 to June 8...

EWG Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

The Environmental Working Group stands in solidarity and mourning with the family of George Floyd, to honor his memory and grieve his senseless, hateful, brutal murder at the hands of Minneapolis...

EWG News Roundup (5/29): Manure Overload in Minnesota, Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ on Military Bases and More

EWG News Roundup (5/29): Here's some news you can use going into the weekend

Oregon Is a Renewables Leader But Needs Congress’ Help in Wake of Pandemic

Oregon is a national leader in wind and solar development, with strong state policy backing. Oregon's renewable portfolio standard requires that electric utilities get at least half of their power...

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