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Areas of Focus

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State of the Rockies Project Studies Big Ag

If you're a Westerner - and what American isn't, really? -- Colorado College's State of the Rockies Project is a must-read, must-bookmark web destination.

A closer look at cosmetics safety

Last month, you saw the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' first video about cosmetics safety, What's going on with toxic chemicals in cosmetics?

Cell Phone Radiation Series - Part 1: The Science

To a lot of people, it might sound about as worrisome as walking under a ladder or not forwarding an email chain letter, but really, what is the deal with cell phone radiation? Is it something you...

Crying Wolf: Climate Change Will Cost Farmers Far More Than a Climate Bill

Farm industry leaders and their supporters in Congress are trying to derail climate change legislation by insisting that the House-passed bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), will...

Talking Toxics Policy: A Historic stakeholder conversation

As Enviroblog readers know, EWG has been pushing for years to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the nation's chemical "safety" law.

Vote for EWG Prez Ken Cook on Huff Post

We get called a lot of names at EWG -- it comes with the territory. Some more flattering than others, but there's one that sums it up -- "Game Changers." So it's no surprise that our very own Ken Cook...

Chesapeake Bay residents are part of the solution

By Lisa Frack and Michelle Perez Earlier this month, EWG released a report about the Chesapeake Bay water quality crisis. The report focuses on agriculture's heavy - if unintended - damage to the Bay...

Dr. Beverly Wright wins a Heinz Award

Dr. Beverly Wright is being honored this year as one of 10 recipients of The Heinz Awards.

Will EPA regulate rocket fuel in drinking water?

Making good on Administrator Lisa Jackson's confirmation promise, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving ahead with its deliberations on whether to impose the first national limits on...

Gulf Dead Zone Cause and Cure Known, Action Still Required

Remarks by Environmental Working Group Midwest Vice-President Craig Cox to the Mississippi River Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force Public Meeting.

Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water

Associated Press, John Heilprin Published December 20, 2005 Drinking water may have a lot more in it than just H20 and fluoride, according to an environmental group's analysis of records in 42 states.

Not my flip-flops, bro....

What's the world coming to when your freakin' flip-flops are laced with toxic chemicals dangerous to human health and the environment?

Chlorinated tap water called risk for pregnant women

San Francisco Chronicle, Jane Kay Published January 9, 2002 Pregnant women who drink chlorinated tap water face a higher risk of miscarriage and birth defects in their newborns despite tougher new...

Study: Calif. Farms Get Millions in Federal Water and Crop Subsidies

Associated Press, Terence Chea Published August 2, 2005 Some of California's largest farms receive millions of dollars in federal subsidies by "double dipping" - using government-subsidized water to...

Is the House farm bill a cushion for wealthy?

Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kevin Diaz Published July 27, 2007 Do millionaire farmers need a safety net? The question looms tall as a prairie silo over a multitude of controversies fueling congressional...

Small percentage of rural counties contribute to fertilizer pollution

Chicago Tribune, Andrew Martin Published April 9, 2006 A new study on Monday found that a relatively small percentage of rural counties – many of them in Illinois – are contributing most of the...

The Dead Zone

Aberdeen American, Larry Gabriel Published August 24, 2006 If you have not heard of it, you will. The mass media is blaming "agriculture" for a predicted increase in the size of the so-called "dead...

Study: Contaminated Water Consumed

Associated Press, John Heilprin Published January 8, 2002 Millions of Americans have been drinking tap water contaminated with chemical byproducts from chlorine that are far more than what studies...

Some Tapwater Risky in Pregnancy

MSNBC Published January 8, 2002 Millions of Americans have been drinking tap water contaminated with potentially harmful byproducts of chlorine - and often at levels in excess of what studies show to...

California Farms Get Electricity Subsidy

Associated Press (+ 60 outlets), Garance Burke Published May 29, 2007 Some of the nation's largest farming operations are paying rock-bottom rates for the electricity they use to pump federally...
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