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Areas of Focus

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Triclosan: Not Safe, Not Effective

The time has come to wash our hands of triclosan and other unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals for good.

For Kids, Good Hygiene Can Come with a Dose of Toxic Triclosan

It goes without saying that it is important children and all people brush their teeth and wash their hands. However, depending on what type of toothpaste or soap you're using, you and your family...

Toxic Triclosan Banned From Soap but Lingers in Consumer Products

The Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this month that it will finally ban the use of triclosan, a toxic chemical associated with hormone disruption in people, in antibacterial hand soaps...

Chemicals in Food and Cosmetics Linked to Preterm Births and Low Birth Weight

A study of pregnant Brooklyn women led by the SUNY Downstate Medical Center links triclosan, an antibacterial agent common in personal care products, with preterm births and smaller newborns.

FDA is trying (again) to clean up your hand soap

The federal Food and Drug administration has announced proposed rules that could drive unnecessary and potentially dangerous products from the market -- antibacterial hand soaps like those marketed by...

Major Corporations Take Key Steps to Put Consumer Health First

Yesterday marked a major victory for American consumers as mega-retailer Walmart announced a Sustainable Chemistry initiative that takes an important step toward protecting the health and wellness its...

Warning: this pesticide may be toxic to children and fish

This fall, EPA approved re-registration of antibacterial soap ingredient triclosan for yet another five years of use in consumer products, potentially leaving human and environmental health at great...

Triclosan: Lurking where you least expect it

It might be in your toothbrush. Your socks. Your child's rattle. Then again - it might not be. But do you know for sure?

Antibacterial: Not just for soap anymore

Although most shoppers probably don't know it, "antibacterial" isn't just for soap anymore. From sports clothing to cutting boards, deodorants, and children's toys, a wide range of consumer products...

Cheatsheet: Triclosan

Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical found in many products. Use EWG's Triclosan to identify and avoid this toxic chemical in dish soap, personal care and other antibacterial products.

Home Antibacterials Raise FDA Concerns

An FDA panel is examining possible health concerns associated with antibacterial soaps, wipes and other household products. The market is booming for these germ-killers, but home use might be creating...
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