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‘Forever chemicals’ contamination at Defense Department sites threatens Great Lakes fish and residents

Groundwater from at least six Defense Department sites in the Great Lakes region is contaminated with high levels of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, according to DOD records obtained by...

Giant Potato Grower Threatens What’s Left of Our Land

The White Earth Reservation, in Minnesota, where I was born and live, was created in 1867 by a treaty between the White Earth Band of Ojibwe and the U.S. government. The original reservation...

A Neighbor’s Plea to Potato Giant: ‘You’re going to have casualties’

Mike Tauber, a plumber by trade, grew up and now lives on the outskirts of Hackensack, a town of 300 located within 10 miles of 127 lakes in north central Minnesota's Cass County.

Lakes With Algae Outbreaks May Also Be Tainted With E. Coli

Toxic algae outbreaks – slimy, smelly blooms of microorganisms, triggered by polluted farm runoff into lakes and rivers – can cause nausea, vomiting and more serious, longer-term health impacts, such...

USDA Pandemic Bailout Funds Will Go to Largest, Wealthiest Farms

This week the Department of Agriculture unveiled a pandemic relief initiative that will give farmers $16 billion in direct payments. Just like the Market Facilitation Program, or MFP, which gave $23...

Investigation: Counties With Meatpacking Plants Report Twice the National Average Rate of COVID-19 Infections

Counties with or near meatpacking plants have almost twice the rate of known COVID-19 infections as the national average, according to a geospatial analysis by the Environmental Working Group.

Deep in the Heart of Texas, the Pandemic Threatens Renewable Energy

When you think of energy and Texas, you think of oil. But besides being the leading oil and natural gas production and refining state, Texas is also a national leader in renewable energy.

The Pandemic Sends an Ill Wind Through Iowa. Will Congress Step Up To Help?

In 1983, Iowa was the first state to set a renewable energy standard – requiring utilities to generate a mandated share of electricity from renewable sources – and it paid off: Wind power is Iowa's...

COVID-19 Farm Bailout Funds Should Help Farmworkers, Not Big Farmers

Congress should direct the Department of Agriculture to use COVID-19 relief funds to ensure that farmworkers –not big farmers – have protections, free testing and paid sick leave.

After the Pandemic, Kentucky Can Rebuild the Economy and Create Jobs by Investing in Clean Energy

The coronavirus pandemic will leave in its wake an urgent need to rebuild state economies. In Kentucky, building out the state's huge potential for wind and solar power can play a major role – but...

In a Pandemic, Farmworkers Deserve a Raise, Not a Pay Cut

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, farmworkers are risking their lives to feed us. So why are some officials in the Trump administration and some Republicans in Congress trying to cut farmworkers'...

In Ohio, Shady Front Groups Fight Dirty To Attack Grassroots Campaign Against $1 Billion Nuke/Coal Bailout

An ugly political war is raging in Ohio, pitting consumer and environmental advocates against big utilities and dark-money front groups that want to make electricity customers pay more than $1 billion...

Algae Outbreaks Up by Nearly One-Fifth in 2019

EWG has found 508 news reports about algae blooms in the country's lakes, ponds and rivers so far this year – 18 percent more than the 429 we found in the same period last year.

Record-Breaking Number of Algae Outbreaks in 2019

A record-breaking number of potentially toxic algae blooms have plagued bodies of water across the country this summer. According to our map, which tracks news stories of algae blooms, as of August 27...
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