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Using EWG Food Scores to navigate plant-based meats and how to swap in plants

Several years ago, EWG asked me to review the beta version of an app being developed to give shoppers valuable intel about their food choices. To say I was eager for this opportunity is an...

Fact versus fiction: ‘Forever chemicals’ hazardous substance designation is not a ban

If the Environmental Protection Agency designates the two best studied “forever chemicals” called PFAS as hazardous substances, manufacturers will not be forced to stop using them.

Are food and consumer product chemicals contributing to our obesity crisis?

The food industry insists America’s obesity crisis can be chalked up to simple math – people eat too much and exercise too little.

Bee-killing 'neonic' pesticides may also harm children’s health

Commonly referred to as neonics, neonicotinoids are insecticides frequently used as a seed-coating treatment for corn and soybeans and applied to a variety of fruits and vegetables. Their use in the U...

Staying healthy this Fourth of July

Independence Day is almost here, with the potential for fun, sun and fireworks. While preparing for barbecues, beach days and get-togethers with family and friends, keep in mind a few health and...

Plant-centered food lifestyle 101 and how your choices at home can help

Find out where you fall on the plant-centered food lifestyle continuum. Do you eat only plants? Or perhaps you mostly consume meat and dairy and only occasionally plant-based food.

TOPGUN Navy base has top ‘forever chemicals’ contamination

Extremely high levels of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS have been detected at the home of the Navy’s famous TOPGUN training school, at Fallon Naval Air Station, in Nevada.

Military’s Filthy 50 sites contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’ haven’t started cleanup

The military has not begun cleanups at any of the 50 Department of Defense sites Congress has identified as highly contaminated with the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS – and it could be years...

Produce industry picks wrong side by fighting EPA ban of brain-damaging pesticide

The nation’s non-organic fruit and vegetable growers are throwing their weight behind efforts to undo the Environmental Protection Agency’s ban on spraying produce with a pesticide known to harm to...

EWG applauds Senate bill to close food chemical safety loopholes

EWG applauds Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) for today introducing legislation to ensure the safety of food chemicals by closing regulatory loopholes.

Environmental injustice: Passing on the costs of ‘forever chemicals’ cleanup

Setting a national drinking water standard for the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS – and passing the implementation costs to ratepayers and private well owners, while letting industry to keep...

California Assembly passes bill to track and report toxic ‘forever chemicals’ sold, distributed or imported to the state

The California Assembly today advanced Assembly Bill 2247, a measure to collect and report on the products and substances sold in and brought into California that contain the toxic “forever chemicals”...

FDA food safety inspections plummet, despite congressional mandate

The number of U.S. food manufacturing facilities inspected each year by the Food and Drug Administration has fallen by thousands over the last decade, despite Congress creating a mandate to increase...

Department of Defense fights states over cleanup of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

For years, states have led the way in addressing the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, with six setting strict drinking water limits for the chemicals and at least eight using their power under...

Staying healthy on Memorial Day weekend and beyond

It’s almost Memorial Day, when many people will enjoy a holiday weekend packed with backyard barbecues, picnics and fun in the sun. When you’re stepping out over the long weekend, and for the rest of...

Fighting the climate crisis: It’s the cow and the how

Changing how we produce beef can reduce greenhouse gas emissions – but not enough to offset the growing demand for beef and its contribution to the climate crisis.

Fight the climate crisis with dairy alternatives

EWG has plenty to say about how producing beef and other animal proteins can make the climate catastrophe worse. But what about dairy?

Considering renourishment: An important dialogue about human and environmental health

EWG is eager to foster a dialogue about the climate impact of animal versus plant proteins. But food behavior is highly emotional, and having a conversation about nourishment – particularly during a...

Formula shortage: What the FDA got wrong, and what Congress and caregivers can do

Parents and caregivers nationwide face a dire situation – infant formula shelves are bare, due to a voluntary recall sparked by the discovery of a dangerous pathogen. Although Abbott Nutrition, the...

Beware misleading ‘regenerative’ soil claims on non-organic foods

Misleading claims that making non-organic foods – from beef to butter – is “regenerative” for soil are proliferating, as more companies make unverified statements about their products.
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