New for Earth Day: EWG’s Healthy Living Mobile App

Go green this Earth Day with EWG’s new Healthy Living app.

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Time and again, we’ve been asked to package our advice and consumer guides so you can use them wherever you go to help make the better choice every time you shop.

And now you can, thanks to EWG’s new Healthy Living app. You now have instant access to more than 120,000 EWG ratings on food and personal care products.

Download the app to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and:

Scan a bar code.

Review its rating.

Pick the better choice.

Healthy living just got that easy.

But we’ve gone one step further.

You can now browse over 140 EWG VERIFIED™ products. These products go above and beyond to meet EWG’s strictest health and transparency standards.

Available for iOS and Android, EWG’s Healthy Living app combines the power of the Skin Deep and Food Scores databases to give you access to EWG’s ratings right at your fingertips wherever you shop.

This Earth Day celebrate shopping green and pick products that are better for your body and the planet.

Download EWG’s new Healthy Living app today.

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