Mr. Yuk: He's in my house, is he in yours?

mryuk.jpg.pngSo this is a little embarrassing. On the one hand, I'm pleased with myself for getting the Mr. Yuk stickers, preventing my children from sticking them everywhere, and applying them to the grim, poisonous chemicals in our house. Job well done, mom!

On the other hand, no self-respecting EWG staffer can simply smack a label on the (many) poisons in her house and call it a night! Nope. So down I trod to the basement, where the chemicals reside, and counted them. And inventoried them. And yikes.

Worse yet, I tend to think I'm a little green, you know? No pesticides on the lawn, organic produce, recycled toilet paper, you get the picture. I know, I know, you're probably wondering what I found. So here they are, all seven of them, in all their unglory:

  1. Wash-in waterproofing for wet weather clothing (I live in the Pacific Northwest..)
  2. Hot shot flying insect killer ("kills fast!")
  3. Rust-oleum gloss protective enamel (husband?)
  4. Interior-exterior spray paint (no runs, no drips, no errors!)
  5. Chlorine bleach (brightens whites, removes stains, cleans and deodorizes)
  6. Carpet spot remover (for those really tough spots)
  7. Laundry stain remover (powerful stain fighting ingredients)
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