More Than 60 EWG VERIFIED™ Products – and Counting!

Our verification program was created to help shoppers quickly and easily identify products that meet our strictest health and transparency standards. The program is gaining momentum and awareness, and the list of products in the pipeline for verification is rapidly growing. You can already find select EWG VERIFIEDTM products from Beautycounter, MyChelle and Rejuva Minerals.

As the first products start to hit the shelves, there are several ways to find out which which products are EWG VERIFIEDTM:

  1. Look for the label on the package. The EWG VERIFIEDTM mark will be visible to shoppers making their way down store aisles or looking for products online.
  2. Check company websites. Companies with EWG VERIFIEDTM products will have information on their websites to show which products meet EWG’s health and transparency standards.
  3. Search our Skin Deep® database. Each EWG VERIFIEDTM product will be flagged in the Skin Deep® search page, with the mark appearing next to the Skin Deep® score, as well as at the top of all EWG VERIFIEDTM product pages.

Remember, EWG VERIFIEDTM products are:

  • Free of EWG’s ingredients of concern.
  • Fully transparent on their ingredient labels.
  • Made according to best manufacturing practices.

With the EWG VERIFIEDTM mark,  you can shop smarter, demand better choices and change the market. We’re glad to make shopping easier for you.

To learn more about the program, see the full list of criteria and get involved, please visit

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