Lead: Still in 35 percent of children's products

lead.jpg A new study tested over 1200 children's products still found on store shelves and found that 35 percent contain lead!

Lead, as we all know, is a potent neurotoxin that accumulates in body over time. It can damage the nervous system and can cause blood and brain disorders and because of its negative health affects, its use has been drastically reduced. However, we also know that there are no public health protective laws regulating chemicals in this country, so it should not come out as a surprise that many of the levels detected in children's products are far above federal standards in place for lead paint, while only 20 percent of the toys have no trace of harmful chemicals.

Items with excessive lead levels include the Hannah Montana card game case, a Go Diego Go! backpack and Circo brand shoes and were purchased in stores like WalMart, Target and Toys R Us.

The group that did the study, the Center for Environmental Health, advises parents to avoid vinyl items. To read some of EWG's research on lead, click here. Another excellent resource is the Consumer Action Guide to toxic chemicals in toys.

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