Envirohealth News: Finally, an asbestos ban

Senate passes asbestos ban.We've known the about the negative health impacts of asbestos since the 1920's, and now the Senate has finally acted to ban the stuff from import. Our thanks and congratulations go to Senator Murray and the tens of thousands of asbestos victims who fought so hard for this achievement.

Meanwhile, a product that killed two people and made almost 100 others ill was allowed to remain on store shelves for months after the CPSC ordered a recall. If you've ever wondered how effective that government agency is, you must read this article.

Drilling for natural gas in the Midwest is big business these days, but rigs are moving closer and closer to a nuclear test site. Drilling too close could release radioactive gas. Says one gas company rep, "[. . .] every square mile of land that you set aside that can't be developed is worth a huge amount of wealth." It's that classic conundrum, you see: community health, or developer's wealth.

The Washington Post covers the smoggiest place in America: little Arvin, CA, whose pollution mostly comes from Los Angeles and San Francisco, and from traffic on Interstate 5. Bill covered this story here on Enviroblog in 'If you love your child, move'.

With the summer's spate of recalls on lead-tainted toys, parents across the country are wondering: how do we get rid of this stuff? No one's exactly sure, and improper disposal could contaminate landfills and even groundwater.

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