Envirohealth News: Crime, unleaded

unleaded gasolineWhen a body is exposed to lead it's stored in the bones like calcium, but scientists are just now realizing that it's also released back into the blood like calcium -- including when mothers are breast feeding.

Speaking of lead, Giuliani might want to be careful about claiming credit for the reduction in crime in New York City -- recent research connects the ban on leaded gasoline with dropping crime rates.

Illinois' state EPA is suing a chemical company that poured as much as 7,000 pounds of toxic chemicals into Pettibone Creek, which drains into Lake Michigan.

The Associated Press has an amazing investigative piece on poor salt harvesters in Africa -- haunting, and well worth a read.

Residents of a cancer-cluster town in Pennsylvania will find out this week whether or not the rare disease that's plagued their town is linked to the nearby Superfund site. Our guess? Probably not a coincidence.

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