Envirohealth in Blogs: Tell Senators to support Dorgan-Grassley!

world_cow.jpgA little light reading. . . but first, a call to action:

The Senate began its discussion of the farm bill on Monday, but that doesn't mean it's too late to call your Senator and give him or her your opinion. Their response may surprise you. Do as Tom Philpott says and ask your Senators to endorse the Dorgan-Grassley Amendment, which would put a cap on subsidy payments.

Go now! Call! Then come back here and read the rest of the roundup.

Done? Okay, on with the show.

Angry Toxicologist weighs in on FDA's (recommendations on children's cold medicines and) inability to get anything done. "Something's rotten at the FDA," he says, "and it smells like bureaucracy."

Jennifer at Green Options has a tip that can be good for your wallet, your health, and the planet -- if you do it right. Find out how to buy in bulk.

Over at The Good Human, David has a remarkably comprehensive guide to cleaning your house without commercial cleansers. Seriously, everything's there, from polishing the silver to uncloging the shower drain.

Industry groups have been funding travel for CPSC acting chair Nancy Nord. The Pump Handle points out that it may have been legal, but that doesn't make it ethical.

Treehugger points us to an interesting quiz of sorts: how ecologically conscious are you? This isn't another measure-your-footprint quiz. You may already recycle, but do you know which way is north?

Particularly observant Enviroblog readers may have noticed a new edition to the blogroll. Green Right Now is a team blog covering the small steps, big impact approach to environmentalism. The writing is smart and thoughtful without being overly-hip, and (thank goodness) it's not another "buy your way to a green lifestyle!" blog.

Pretty By Nature's Noel discusses KleenKanteen and upping your water intake: "It’s cheaper than microdermabrasion."

The Evangelical Ecologist think the church should be asking folks to contribute directly to those in need, rather than asking the government to take their money and do it for them.

Still reading? Thanks! Now, did you call your Senators yet?

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