Envirohealth in Blogs: Have a green Halloween!

Extreme Pumpkins 2005 entryA little light reading. Happy Halloween!

Eco-conscious but on a budget? David at The Good Human has the list you've been looking for: 35 low-cost ways to green your lifestyle.

CPSC Chair Nancy Nord is nervous that legislation on the table might force her agency to (gasp!) do its job! More at The Pump Handle.

Some DC schools are giving young students a lesson in Ethicureanism. Also from Ethicurean, a Food and Farm Bill update.

This may be the best line I've read in a blog recently:

"Let's think like a coral and get worried about acid oceans."
Read more about acid oceans at Blogfish.

Carl Pope's got an important three-point post up about the California wildfires -- well worth a read, especially if you feel like contributing something useful in the comments.

Finally, Siel at Emerald City has 7 tips for a green Halloween -- and she links to this awesome online pumpkin carving application, just in case you're not a fan of pumpkin guts.

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