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FDA Emails: Scientists Pushed To Ban Formaldehyde-Based Hair-Smoothing Treatments as Early as 2015

Emails obtained by the Environmental Working Group reveal that in 2015 and 2016, scientists at the Food and Drug Administration urged the agency to ban formaldehyde in popular hair-smoothing...

New EWG Healthy Living App Includes Healthy Cleaners

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Working Group has added information about healthy cleaners to its Healthy Living App, putting ratings at shoppers' fingertips for more than 122,000 foods, personal care...

Study: More Than 200 Million Americans Could Have Toxic PFAS in Their Drinking Water

A peer-reviewed study by scientists at the Environmental Working Group estimates that more than 200 million Americans could have the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS in their drinking water...

World Energy Outlook: Solar Power Will Be ‘the New King’ by 2030

Renewables, led by solar power, will become the dominant source of the world's electricity by 2030, according to a just-released analysis by the International Energy Agency.

Former CDC Director, Hero of Smallpox Fight, Joins EWG’s Call for Redfield To Resign Over Trump Administration’s Botched Covid-19 Response

The former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who led the successful effort to stamp out smallpox, has joined EWG in calling on the current CDC director to resign over the...

EWG Investigation: In California’s Majority-Latino Communities, 5.25 Million Drink Tap Water With Nitrate Above Federal Limit

In California's majority-Latino communities, 5.25 million people drink tap water contaminated with nitrate at levels at or above the federal limit, according to an Environmental Working Group analysis...

Construction Industry Lobby Blocks Bill To Ban Asbestos

Legislation to ban the future use and importation of the notorious and deadly carcinogen asbestos was blocked from passing the House Thursday night after lobbyists representing a powerful sector of...

California First State To Ban 24 Toxic Chemicals in Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

In a major victory for the movement for safer cosmetics, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, Assembly Bill 2762, into law. This is the nation's first state-level ban...

Consumer Protection Bill California AB 2762 Signed into Law

The Environmental Working Group and the Personal Care Products Council applaud California Gov. Gavin Newsom for signing into law Assembly Bill 2762, which prohibits the sale and manufacture of...

Toxic Beaches: Hundreds of Closures and Health Warnings in 2020

Toxic algae and bacteria forced the closure of at least 116 U.S. beaches and triggered health warnings at 162 more this spring and summer, according to an investigation by the Environmental Working...

California Law Bans Toxic PFAS From Firefighting Foam

California Gov. Gavin Newson signed into law a measure to ban the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS from firefighting foams. PFAS-based firefighting foams – known as aqueous film-fighting foam...

California Requires Millions of Children To Be Tested for Lead Exposure

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a measure to protect millions of children from the developmental and health impacts of toxic lead exposure.

EWG Applauds HEROES 2.0 Act

Today the House unveiled the HEROES 2.0 Act. Here is a statement from EWG Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Scott Faber

EWG Statement on House Bill To Increase Anti-Hunger Assistance

The following is a statement from Scott Faber, senior vice president of government affairs for the Environmental Working Group, on House passage of H.R. 8319.

UPDATE: Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' Likely Contaminate More Than 700 Military Sites

More than 700 Department of Defense sites are likely to be contaminated with the fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS, according to new data released this week by the Pentagon.

Government Watchdog Report Finds Many Top Recipients of Trump’s Farmer Bailout Boondoggle Are Not Even Farmers

Since 2018, in response to retaliatory tariffs from President Trump's long-term trade war with China, the Department of Agriculture has paid many billions of dollars to farmers supposedly suffering...

At Wildfire Briefing, Trump Scoffs at Climate Crisis: “I Don’t Think Science Knows”

A failure in forest management – not climate change – is fueling the catastrophic wildfire inferno on the West Coast, President Trump said today.

Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Likely Discharged Near Schools in 18 States

As parents send their kids back to school, reopening buildings safely is top of mind. Parents are worried about the coronavirus pandemic but likely unaware that some schools are near industrial...

McConnell COVID-19 Package Fails Farmworkers, Hungry Families

The following is a statement from Scott Faber, EWG's senior vice president for government affairs, on the COVID-19 relief package released today by Senate Republicans.

Duke Energy’s Shell Game: New Resource Plan Touts Carbon Cuts, But Adds More Gas and Nukes

Duke Energy says it will achieve “net zero” carbon pollution by 2050. But its new resource plan for the Carolinas almost certainly means it will continue to rely on fossil fuels and nuclear reactors...

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