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EPA takes important steps to curb ‘forever chemicals’ in water, but more needed

The Environmental Protection Agency today announced several new actions to address discharges of the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS into lakes, rivers, streams and other sources of drinking water...

EPA to suspend all uses of widely used weedkiller over risks to fetus, thyroid function

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to suspend all future uses of a toxic weedkiller that scientific research has shown to cause harm to the developing fetus and problems associated with...

Duke Energy reports just over 5 percent electricity from wind and solar in 2021, despite clean energy claims

Duke Energy claims its growth of renewable energy sources “soared” in 2021, but the company generated just 5.4 percent of its electricity from wind and solar last year, according to a report the...

EWG speech at AEI on climate and agriculture

EWG Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Scott Faber delivered the following remarks before the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

PG&E CEO earned more than $50 million in 2021

While millions of California families struggled financially in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pacific Gas & Electric’s CEO made over $50 million for leading the reviled utility with a history...

NEW: EWG’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Today the Environmental Working Group announced that strawberries, spinach and leafy greens are again the top offenders on its 2022 Dirty Dozen™ – a list of the most pesticide-contaminated fresh...

Gallup: Contaminated drinking water tops list of public's environmental concerns

Polluted drinking water is the leading cause of U.S. adults’ concerns about the environment, according to a new nationwide survey by Gallup of more than 1,000 people from every state and the District...

Change the code, not the climate

A campaign to push bitcoin to change its software code to use far less energy was launched today by the Environmental Working Group, Greenpeace USA and several groups battling bitcoin mining...

EWG: EPA must do more to prioritize ‘forever chemicals’ spending

The Environmental Working Group today thanked President Joe Biden for making the toxic forever chemicals known as “PFAS” a priority in his fiscal year 2023 budget request for the Environmental...

EWG applauds Biden’s budget for prioritizing FDA food and cosmetics chemical safety

The Environmental Working Group today applauds President Joe Biden for making the safety of chemicals in food and cosmetics a priority for the Food and Drug Administration in the administration’s...

EPA must prioritize funds to meet PFAS ‘Roadmap’ deadlines

Environmental groups today sent a letter urging Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan to prioritize funds for meeting deadlines in its “Roadmap” for tackling the “forever...

State audit slams California utility regulators for lax wildfire safety oversight

Regulators charged with oversight of California’s investor-owned electric companies failed to ensure steps were being taken to mitigate the risks of wildfires caused by damaged power lines, finds a...

New tests find ‘forever chemicals’ still in many fast food wrappers

The toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS have been detected on dozens of food wrappers from major fast-food chains, according to new test results released today by Consumer Reports.

Study: California’s rooftop solar incentives drive installations for working-class families

Incentives provided by states like California to low-income and working-class families help drive adoption of residential rooftop solar, according to a new study.

EWG: In the Mississippi River region, retiring frequently flooded fields could save billions in crop insurance payouts

Farmers received almost $1.5 billion in federal crop insurance payments from 2001 to 2020 for flood-related crop losses in the Mississippi River Critical Conservation Area, a region increasingly...

California announces maximum contaminant level for ‘Brockovich’ carcinogen in drinking water

On Monday, the California Water Resources Control Board’s Drinking Water Program, or DWP, announced a maximum contaminant level of 10 parts per billion for hexavalent chromium in water.

Dangerous levels of mercury found in skin creams sold on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers

A new report from the Zero Mercury Working Group finds almost half of skin lightening creams tested contained dangerously high levels of mercury but continue to be sold by online retailers like Amazon...

New Amazon Aware line of beauty products are EWG VERIFIED™

This week, Amazon announced its new line of Amazon Aware consumer products, including a number of beauty products that have earned the Environmental Working Group's highly sought EWG VERIFIED™ mark.

Biden EPA rescinds Trump-era rollback of California’s fuel efficiency standards

The Biden Environmental Protection Agency today restored California’s right to set tighter auto tailpipe standards, reversing the Trump administration’s long battle with the state over its efforts to...

‘Brockovich’ carcinogen found in tap water of more than 250 million Americans

A new interactive map details where hexavalent chromium, the notorious “Erin Brockovich” carcinogen, contaminates tap water serving 251 million Americans, exceeding levels scientists say are safe...
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