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Wisconsin’s Big Ag lobby threatens clean water rule

Wisconsin’s proposed nitrate pollution rule, critical to protecting the health of more than 1 million residents, is in danger of being blocked by a group of lawmakers beholden to industrial...

Will Land O’Lakes/Microsoft ‘Carbon Bank’ Actually Cut Emissions?

Land O'Lakes touts its new agricultural carbon credits market as a “transformational” program rewarding farmers for adopting conservation practices while “incentivizing” corporations to reduce...

Next Agriculture Secretary Must Confront New Food and Farm Challenges

President-elect Joe Biden will nominate Tom Vilsack to be Secretary of Agriculture, according to news reports. Here is a statement from Scott Faber, EWG's senior vice president for government affairs

EWG Investigation: Manure Overload Threatens Water in Minnesota’s Farm Country

Manure from Minnesota's 23,000 animal feedlots threatens to overload nearby cropland with chemicals that can pollute lakes, streams and aquifers, including drinking water sources, a new Environmental...

EWG Applauds Introduction of Minnesota State Water Well Testing Bill H.F. 3950

After issuing back-to-back reports highlighting the increasing threat nitrate pollution from agriculture poses to Minnesotans' sourcing of drinking water from private wells, the Midwest office of the...

EWG Analysis: Nitrate Pollution of Drinking Water in Rural Minnesota Is Getting Worse

Nitrate contamination of drinking water has increased across Minnesota's farm country, an Environmental Working Group analysis of state data has found.

EWG Analysis: Half a Million Minnesotans Drink Tap Water Contaminated With Elevated Levels of Nitrate From Agricultural Pollution

An estimated half a million Minnesotans are drinking tap water contaminated with elevated levels of nitrate, a chemical associated with cancer and other serious health problems, according to a report...

In Indiana, Latest Duke Energy Proposal Clings to Fossil Fuels, Dismisses Renewables

Duke Energy wants to force its Indiana customers to pay for a business-as-usual plan that continues to rely almost exclusively on dirty and expensive coal- and gas-fired power plants, ignoring the...

Iowa’s Private Wells Overrun With Agricultural Contaminants

Private wells across Iowa are contaminated with unsafe levels of two agricultural contaminants, according to an investigation by the Environmental Working Group and the Iowa Environmental Council.

Farm Runoff Causing Widespread Drinking Water Pollution in Midwest

A new report from the Environmental Working Group reveals that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is failing to enforce a key farm bill provision, with dire consequences for drinking water in the...

Double Dippers: How Big, Rich Farms Get Subsidized Twice For One Loss

Through federal farm programs, American taxpayers are routinely paying thousands of wealthy mega-farms twice for the same "loss," according to a new EWG report.

EWG: Mega-Farms Reap Billions from Taxpayers in Farm Subsidies

Farming operations directly received more than $14 billion in taxpayer-funded commodity subsidies in 2015 and 2016, according to the latest analysis of U.S. Department of Agriculture data obtained by...

Report: Suspected Carcinogen from Farm Runoff Fouls Drinking Water Across Rural America

Drinking water supplies for millions of Americans in farm country are contaminated with a suspected cancer-causing chemical from fertilizer, according to a new report by the Environmental Working...

Trump Budget Slashes Funds to Help Rural America Keep Farm Pollution Out of Drinking Water

Rural Americans were key to President Trump's election, but the president's proposed budget would reward their support by allowing more animal waste, toxic pesticides and fertilizer pollution in their...

EWG: Trump’s Proposed Cuts to EPA, USDA Are ‘Nothing But Bad News’ For Farmers and Other Rural Americans

President Trump's proposed budget would slash vital programs at the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture that help farmers and rural communities reduce their exposure to farm...

EWG Report: Is Federal Crop Insurance Policy Leading to a New Dust Bowl?

Federal crop insurance policy is rewarding Southern Great Plains farmers' failure to adapt to drought and hotter weather, and encouraging practices that could lead to another Dust Bowl, according to a...

From Satellite Imagery, EWG's First-Ever Analysis of Cover Crops in U.S. Corn Belt

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving farmers millions of taxpayer dollars a year to support the planting of cover crops, which reduce polluted runoff from farm fields. To see how this...

Okla. Leaders Refute Pruitt’s Claims of Environmental Enforcement, Senators Demand Truth from EPA Nominee

Oklahoma environmental advocates and attorneys met yesterday with members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to strongly refute Scott Pruitt's claims that he advanced pollution...

Think U.S. Agriculture Will End World Hunger? Think Again, Says New Report

U.S. agribusiness spokesmen routinely defend practices that pollute air and water, and destroy soil by claiming that American farmers are doing what it takes to “feed the world.”

Boost in Corn Ethanol is Wrong Choice for Clean Air and Land Use

The Obama Administration's proposal to increase the mandate for dirty corn ethanol in gasoline will make air pollution worse and push farmers to grow corn for fuel instead of food, EWG said.

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