Trump Touts Fictitious Environmental Record

WASHINGTON – President Trump, who has the worst environmental record in U.S. history, is scheduled to deliver a speech today in which he plans to tout his administration’s environmental record.

“I don’t envy the fact checkers covering President Trump’s speech,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “The spectacle of the president straining to document a positive environmental record should be seen for what it is – utter fantasy. There has never been a president who has actively pursued an agenda so hostile to the environment and public health at the behest of polluters than Mr. Trump.”

From the very beginning, the Trump administration has repeatedly made decisions that put our air, water and land at greater risk from polluters. 

Under former Environmental Protection Administrator Scott Pruitt and current agency head Andrew Wheeler, the EPA has rolled back key climate change and air pollution control programs, pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate pact, cooked the books on approving toxic chemicals and blocked a ban of a pesticide so dangerous it can harm a child’s brain at even low levels of exposure.

Among the actions taken by President Trump and his EPA that will endanger the environment and human health:


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