Senate Confirms Trump Pick To Run EPA Chemicals Office

WASHINGTON – The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Alexandra Dunn to be assistant administrator in the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention at the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Trump’s first nominee to run the office, chemicals industry consultant Michael Dourson, pulled his name from consideration after serious objections were raised by both Republican and Democratic senators, plus a wide array of environmental and public health organizations, over his close ties to the industry.

In contrast, in Dunn’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, her answers to questions about how she will carry out her duties were positively received by members of the panel from both sides of the aisle and by the environmental community.

During the hearing, Dunn committed to implementing the new Toxic Substances Control Act, testifying that she will follow the law and adopt “all provisions to full effect.”

“We’re hopeful that Alex Dunn will fulfill her commitments to implement our toxic chemicals laws as Congress intended – and not as former industry lobbyists like [Deputy Assistant Administrator] Nancy Beck are pushing for,” said EWG Senior VP for Government Affairs Scott Faber. “Americans should be confident that everyday products are not being made with chemicals linked to cancer. To meet those expectations, Alex Dunn will have to clean up the mess created by her predecessors.” 


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