House Passes Farm Bill That Would Let Billionaires, Non-Farmers Collect Farm Subsidies

WASHINGTON – House Republicans pushed through their version of the 2018 Farm Bill today, which would waste billions more in taxpayer money with new loopholes. The bill would let the super rich and people who don’t live or work on a farm to reap large sums of money through farm subsidies.

The following is a statement from EWG Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Scott Faber.

The farm bill passed today by the House will create new loopholes that allow millionaires and billionaires to receive farm subsidies – regardless of whether they live or work on a farm. Now it will be up to the Senate to pass a farm bill that ensures real farmers, not city slickers or wealthy beach bums, are given taxpayer support to weather the ups and downs of agriculture. We urge Senate leaders to allow critical subsidy reform amendments to be discussed when the full Senate debates its version of the farm bill next week.

Today, EWG released an analysis of federal farm subsidy data that found hundreds of Americans who live in the nation's 50 largest cities, as well as in beachfront mansions, have received taxpayer-funded farm subsidies or disaster payments for 32 straight years.

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