EWG Applauds Biden’s Nomination of Richard Glick To Chair Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Working Group applauds President Biden’s nomination of Richard Glick to be chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Initially nominated by then-President Trump, Glick has been a member of the commission since November 2017. 

Here is a statement from EWG President Ken Cook:

With Richard Glick at the helm of FERC, we expect good things from the commission. His was a voice of reason during the tumultuous Trump years. He pushed back against counterproductive market proposals to preserve dirty and uneconomic sources of power on the electric system, takes seriously the threat of the climate crisis and is eager to facilitate rather than disrupt the march toward an electric grid powered by renewable energy.

With his skepticism of continued rubber-stamping of interstate natural gas pipelines, Glick will be an important and much-needed voice in pushing back against utilities that seek to expand pipelines. It is clear he shares the vision that renewable energy must and will be the prevailing source of electricity in the country, which will not only help combat the climate crisis but also benefit consumers.


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