EWG VERIFIED® Sunscreens: Pioneering healthier choices for consumers

12 SPF products from ATTITUDE, Babo Botanicals and Beautycounter achieve highly coveted gold standard in sunscreen safety

WASHINGTON – With the launch of EWG VERIFIED® Sunscreens, the Environmental Working Group in a groundbreaking move aims to transform the sunscreen industry and redefine the expectations for sunscreen safety.

The EWG VERIFIED mark provides a reliable and easy way for consumers to identify healthier products that offer optimal protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. With an unwavering commitment to transparency and consumer well-being, EWG raises the bar once again by offering sunscreens that are free from chemicals of concern.

“EWG VERIFIED is the leading standard for healthy ingredients in personal care and we are thrilled to bring it to the sunscreen market,” says EWG President Ken Cook. “Compared to other certifications, the criteria for our mark are demanding, as anyone familiar with our exacting standards can attest. By adding 12 healthy, broad spectrum SPF products to the expanding list of some 2260 EWG VERIFIED products, we’re setting a new standard for the sunscreens industry.”

“This new category of EWG VERIFIED products represents a new era in sunscreen safety, giving consumers peace of mind and empowering individuals and families to make informed purchasing decisions,” he added

In 2006, EWG released its pioneering Guide to Sunscreens. Now EWG introduces 12 SPF products from ATTITUDE, Babo Botanicals and Beautycounter to EWG VERIFIED:


 Babo Botanicals


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Exposing problematic sunscreens

The Food and Drug Administration’s failure to establish modern safety standards for sunscreens created a void in protection of consumers from potentially toxic chemicals. Recognizing this critical gap, EWG took matters into its own hands. 

“The launch of EWG VERIFIED sunscreens reflects our commitment to empowering consumers and providing them with trusted, healthier options,” said Homer Swei, Ph.D., EWG senior vice president of Healthy Living Science. “The mark on sunscreen packaging offers consumers a reliable and convenient way to identify best-performing products that meet EWG’s highest safety and efficacy standards.” 

“This innovative addition empowers consumers by providing trusted options that meet or exceed international standards for safety and efficacy, revolutionizing the sunscreen market and instilling peace of mind when it comes to protecting themselves and their families.”

EWG’s 17th annual guide to sunscreens reveals that only 25 percent of the 1,700 SPF products reviewed offer good broad-spectrum protection without troubling ingredients. Most sunscreens sold in the U.S. fall short in providing adequate protection against ultraviolet A radiation, despite SPF claims, misleading consumers into a false sense of security.

“The EWG VERIFIED program is an invaluable resource for consumers and we are beyond excited that the program will now allow them to shop for sunscreens with more peace of mind,” said Adrien Dissous, senior vice president of Babo Botanicals. “It can be daunting for consumers to decipher which SPF is meeting the standards of safety and quality they expect when thousands of options are available on shelves.

“The EWG VERIFIED program rightfully places the burden of proof upon brands and manufacturers to demonstrate their products are safe and effective instead of leaving consumers to do the work,” he added. 

A game-changer in sun protection

The novel initiative of EWG VERIFIED sunscreens is based on extensive scientific expertise and years of research. It empowers consumers to choose products that adhere to EWG’s stringent standards for efficacy, ingredient safety and transparency. EWG VERIFIED sunscreens address crucial gaps in the performance of recreational SPF products.

“We are so proud that our Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion and Stick are officially EWG VERIFIED,” says Luana Bumachar, Beautycounter chief marketing officer. “At Beautycounter our mission is to provide safer products for all. We are committed to continue to Raise Up Beauty for everyone, so it’s an honor to be recognized by EWG – an organization that adheres to the strictest standards for health and transparency.”

With a focus on UVA radiation protection, EWG VERIFIED sunscreens surpass the standards mandated in both the U.S. and Europe. The European Commission recommends that the ratio of measured ultraviolet A, or UVA, protection to SPF be at least one-third. 

EWG VERIFIED’s performance standards require sunscreens to undergo testing and demonstrate measured UVA protection that meets or exceeds that recommendation, ensuring comprehensive defense against the sun’s most damaging rays.

“Today EWG sets a new gold standard in sunscreen safety with the launch of EWG VERIFIED Sunscreens,” said Jocelyn Lyle, EWG’s executive vice president of mission and partnerships. “This revolutionary mark allows busy consumers to choose products that will provide them with the best sun protection.”

“Our decades of expertise in assessing consumer products for health and safety have led us to introduce this new product category. We believe that everyone deserves access to effective sun protection without compromising their health, and this mark ensures just that,” added Lyle.

The EWG VERIFIED mark goes beyond ingredient safety and efficacy. Sunscreens with this mark must meet additional criteria:

  • They cannot be in aerosol or powder form, which increases inhalation risk.
  • Their SPF value must be between 15 and 50, ensuring effective sun protection.
  • They can’t make marketing claims prohibited by the FDA, such as “sunblock,” “sweat proof” or “waterproof.” 

“ATTITUDE is proud to launch one of the first EWG VERIFIED sunscreens,” said ATTITUDE President and CEO Jean-Francois Bernier. “We have developed clean and performance-driven SPF product lines in innovative, low-waste packaging. Our EWG VERIFIED sunscreens are the latest evolution, and arguably our most game-changing advancement to date. Building on our longstanding commitment to health, we understand people want an SPF product that will protect their skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.”

Shoppers on the go can download EWG’s Healthy Living App to get ratings and safety information on sunscreens and other personal care products. Consumers are encouraged to visit EWG’s Guide to Sunscreens for more information about the products they are considering purchasing, particularly those without the EWG VERIFIED mark. EWG’s sunscreen label decoder can also help consumers looking for safer sunscreens.


The Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. Through research, advocacy and unique education tools, EWG drives consumer choice and civic action. Visit www.ewg.org for more information.

Founded in 2006, ATTITUDE® is a science-based company that aims to revolutionize the beauty industry with clean, performance-proven products in eco-innovative packaging to reduce plastic. EWG VERIFIED™, PETA-certified and formulated with advanced naturally derived ingredients to deliver the best for the body and the planet. The company also plants trees to reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve the planet's ecosystems. ATTITUDE® has its own in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art 120,000 square foot facility, which enhances its unique ability to invent and develop new high-quality products. ATTITUDE® is sold and distributed in over 60 countries. For more information, visit: attitudeliving.com.

Founded in 2010, Babo Botanicals offers a wide range of plant-based personal care products for face, body & hair. The products are the result of founder Kate Solomon’s life-long experience and passion for sustainable agriculture and product formulation. Babo Botanicals has been a B-Corp Certified company since 2015, and their entire portfolio is Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certified and Certified Animal Test-Free by PeTA. For more information, please visit www.BaboBotanicals.com and follow Babo Botanicals on Facebook and Instagram @BaboBotanicals

Founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2011 and launched in 2013, Beautycounter is the leader in cleaner skin care and cosmetics whose mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. A certified B Corporation, the Santa Monica, CA-based brand leads the way for improved transparency and accountability in the beauty industry, including advocacy efforts to update regulations governing the beauty industry. Beautycounter is an omnichannel brand and is available today online, in physical retail stores, through strategic partnerships including Ulta Beauty, and through its community of Brand Advocates across North America. For more information, visit www.beautycounter.com. 

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