EWG applauds “forever chemicals” research bill

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Working Group today applauded the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology for advancing legislation to conduct more research on the health effects of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. 

The House Committee approved H.R. 7289, the Federal PFAS Research Evaluation Act, which directs the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Academies of Sciences, or NAS, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to research and advance our understanding of PFAS. The bill was introduced by Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-Tex.). 

“EWG applauds Rep. Fletcher and the House Science Committee for making PFAS a priority,” said Scott Faber, EWG’s senior vice president for government affairs. 

If enacted, H.S. 7289 would require: 

  • The EPA and the NAS to conduct a two-phase study to better understand PFAS exposure and the resulting health effects.
  • The EPA and the NAS to conduct a study to advance our understanding of PFAS contamination, including contamination management, consideration of socioeconomic disparities and the development of safe alternatives.
  • The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to submit a federal PFAS research plan to Congress, taking the recommendations of the NAS reports into account. 

PFAS are found in the blood of virtually everyone, including newborn babies. Very low doses of PFAS have been linked to suppression of the immune system and are associated with an elevated risk of cancer, increased cholesterol, reproductive harms and other health concerns.

Thousands of communities have already detected these toxic forever chemicals in their water, and PFAS have been confirmed at nearly 400 military installations. EWG estimates that more than 200 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with PFAS.


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