Articles by David Andrews, Ph.D., Sarah Graddy

Addressing misinformation on the internet about EWG’s ratings systems

A recent viral social media post about a Bath & Body Works air freshener makes inaccurate and misleading allegations about EWG’s product ratings systems.

Tackling the rising climate costs of American food and farming

Even if the U.S. stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, rising greenhouse gas emissions from food and farming could make a climate catastrophe unavoidable.

Why does EWG release its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ each year?

With its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™, released almost every year since 2004, EWG’s goal is to educate the public about pesticides on popular fruits and vegetables so consumers can make...

New EWG framework overlays demographic data, cumulative cancer risk from tap water contamination

A new framework developed by EWG scientists will help U.S. state and federal efforts to improve drinking water quality and advance the priorities of environmental equity.

Industrial Animal Agriculture Poses Serious Threats to Human Health

For people who live near industrial animal feedlots, the stench, flies and day-and-night rumbling of trucks are more than a nuisance that impairs the use and enjoyment of their own property...

Mississippi River Flood Management Could Cause Another Devastating Gulf Coast Toxic Algae Bloom This Year

The Army Corps of Engineers just opened a huge flood management structure to relieve the swollen Mississippi River, which could cause a recurrence of a huge toxic algae bloom along the Gulf Coast...

Fairway Farmers

The grass is always greener for “fairway farmers” who, despite living next to golf courses instead of crop land, have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from the first round of...

The Many Hazards of Toxic Algae Outbreaks

This summer, EWG is tracking outbreaks of potentially toxic algae across the U.S. We have been startled to find that these outbreaks are erupting everywhere: from the East Coast to the West Coast...

‘Should I Throw Out My Cheerios?’ and Other Questions about Roundup in Children’s Food

Recently, EWG released a headline-making report on Roundup in children's cereal and other oat-based foods. Much of the news coverage agrees with us that parents should be concerned.