Articles by Jared Hayes

Abandoned: Unsafe ‘forever chemicals’ levels in nearly 3,000 private wells near military bases

Across the U.S., the Defense Department has contaminated thousands of private drinking water wells with dangerous amounts of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. But the DOD has refused so far...

Rice to riches: Sixteen rice farms padding their pockets with taxpayer dollars

Just sixteen rice farms in the U.S. have each received at least $10 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies while earning record profits – and now some members of Congress want to give them even more.

Pocket pickers: Eight cotton farms picking taxpayer pockets

After collecting taxpayer-funded subsidies for 37 years straight, eight cotton farms have received over $10 million each – and now some members of Congress want to give them even more. From 1985 to...

Calls to increase crop reference prices would help fewer than 6,000 farmers

Some farm groups and legislators have proposed increasing price guarantees for major crops. But the higher price guarantees would mostly benefit fewer than 6,000 farms in a few states, EWG found.

USDA livestock subsidies top $59 billion

The Department of Agriculture has spent at least $59 billion in subsidies for livestock and seafood producers since 1995, according to a new EWG analysis.

Corn Belt farmers could dramatically reduce nitrous oxide emissions with a handful of conservation practices

Widespread adoption of six simple farm stewardship practices by corn farmers in the Midwest could dramatically reduce nitrous oxide emissions, EWG has found. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas that is...

Increasing price guarantees primarily benefits Southern states, analysis shows

Increasing price guarantees for major crops would primarily benefit farmers growing peanuts, cotton and rice in Southern states, not corn and soybean farmers.

Slashing food, climate funds to boost subsidies would hurt farmers, hungry people

Cuts to funding for food assistance and “climate smart” agricultural conservation practices to increase USDA farm subsidies would hurt farmers in most states, including California, Michigan, New York...

Hundreds of city slickers and beach bums received farm subsidies for 37 straight years

EWG has found 138 people who have received taxpayer-funded farm subsidies or disaster payments for 37 consecutive years – even though they live in some of the nation’s 50 largest cities or wealthy...

Speaker McCarthy should target farm subsidies for the wealthy, not food stamps

This week, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) made ending food assistance for many hungry people one of his demands for raising the debt ceiling.

25 current members of the House collected $14 million in federal farm subsidies

Dozens of House lawmakers and their immediate family members, including eight members of the House Agriculture Committee or their family members, received over $14 million in federal farm subsidies...

‘City slickers’ receiving federal farm subsidies soared under Trump

From coast to coast, almost 29,000 people in the 50 largest U.S. cities had received a combined $555 million in farm subsidies as of 2021, as the payments soared during the Trump administration.

Nearly 20,000 farmers received farm subsidies for 37 consecutive years

Nearly 20,000 farmers received taxpayer-funded federal farm subsidies or disaster relief payments for 37 consecutive years, according to a new EWG analysis.

Trump USDA farmer bailout funds flowed to Mar-a-Lago neighbor instead

Some federal bailout funds intended to help farmers weather former President Donald Trump’s trade war with China and the Covid-19 pandemic went instead to people living in some of the wealthiest...

Five ways a hidden Pentagon health study undercounts ‘forever chemicals’ risks

The Defense Department may be underestimating by hundreds of thousands the number of people at military installations drinking water contaminated with the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. The DOD’s...

Dow, 3M and others likely exploit loophole to avoid reporting ‘forever chemicals’ releases

At least five facilities around the U.S. operated by Dow Chemical, 3M and other companies are using very large amounts of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS but are likely using a regulatory...

We must expand – and reform – the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program

It’s good news the Inflation Reduction Act will invest $20 billion to reward farmers when they take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dozens of Coast Guard bases could be contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’

At least 24 Coast Guard bases across the U.S. are now suspected of contamination by the toxic fluorinated “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, according to EWG’s updated analysis of records from the...

Most of DOD sites with ‘forever chemicals’ contamination exceed EPA health levels

At least two-thirds of the 389 Defense Department sites in the U.S. where the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS have been detected in groundwater are contaminated with levels above new health...

TOPGUN Navy base has top ‘forever chemicals’ contamination

Extremely high levels of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS have been detected at the home of the Navy’s famous TOPGUN training school, at Fallon Naval Air Station, in Nevada.