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Send a kids’ letter to Congress

Kids can ask for safer chemicals, too!


Dear Senator _____________,

I am writing to ask you to support the Safe Chemicals Act. If the SCA becomes law, it will help keep children like me safe from dangerous chemicals.

Many of the chemicals used everywhere, everyday – in our food and water, furniture and the toys we play with – contain chemicals that end up in our bodies. Many of these chemicals are linked to illnesses that are on the rise among children. No one knows the effects of many others.

I may be too young to vote or run for elected office, but kids’ voices can and should be heard – especially when it affects us. Chemicals should be safe for me before they are put into products and then my body.

Please join me, and children across the United States, to support the Safe Chemicals Act and make the world a safer place for my friends and me. Together, we can improve how government decides what chemicals are allowed in the stuff we use.

Thank you for listening. Please let me know that you will support the Safe Chemicals Act.


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