Smart discussion about toxics policy reform
Watch our ’10 Americans’ video. It’s well worth the time.

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This year EWG is leading one of the most important environmental campaigns in history – the drive to pass the Safe Chemicals Act in Congress. This legislation will revolutionize how we protect children and other vulnerable people from toxic chemicals – a long overdue change. We need your support to build winning momentum for the bill.

Your support will enable EWG to:

  • Reach more people with our live “10 Americans” presentation – the “Inconvenient Truth” for environmental health.
  • Expand our audience to one million people to advocate for policy changes – to date more than 88,000 EWG supporters signed our petition to Congress demanding a strong, health protective toxics law.
  • Maintain our first-rate scientific research team to provide you and your family with practical tips for avoiding toxic chemicals that you can trust.
  • Produce new, relevant research products on issues you tell us are important.