Smart discussion about toxics policy reform

Congress has introduced the Safe Chemicals Act!

More than  85,000 concerned activists signed the petition supporting the Kid-Safe Chemicals Campaign. We hand-delivered your signatures to Sens. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.).

It would have been impossible to fit all 85,000 of you into the room with us, but you were certainly there in spirit. That’s why we put together this photo album of the petitions being hand-delivered.

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67 Responses to “Congress has introduced the Safe Chemicals Act!”

  1. Dr Shah, Eladevi says:

    Marvelous job we all have done to care our children, for our more safer future generations and a new time to come along.

    Every thing beyond our imagination but we could believe it now as a matter of fact.

    Money can not buy life, money could buy facilitations in life still some thing which is beyond everything and that is understanding. Understanding may be there, may not be there but when it is generated it never dies. We all have to work togather for good maintanence of it. Since I saw thousands of children suffering from iterogenic eczematous skin due to potential skin sensitizers in the prescribed medicines, I felt there is lack of proper understanding otherwise side effects of betablockers on skin,
    side effects of HRT and hand eczema, all are wellknown.

    • Evelyn Christy says:

      I have tried and failed, to get the daycares in this area to stop using antibacterial dish soap to wash the children’s hands. No amount of asking or demanding was enough, not even with the red chapped and damaged skin on the children’s hands. Now, thanks to all of you, this will change.

    • Dear Senators Lautenberg, Boxer and Representative Rush: Why does our government allow pesticide testing on children as young as 6 months of age?

      “Recruiting Safety and Tolerability of a Novel Malathion Formulation in Children Age 6-24 Months With Head Lice Condition: Pediculosis”

      See and search on malathion

    • Leigh says:

      THANK YOU! I love EWG. You are changing lives. 🙂

  2. Jenneline Sanders says:

    The comment about washing hands with dish soap reminds me of the fact that if something is made it will be abused. It will be used in ways other than intended, it will be disposed of improperly and there will always be people who do not care what’s in it or whose body it gets into (even if it’s their own).
    My opinion is that the only way to protect people is to stop dangerous chemicals from being made in the first place (or at least stop making them so widely available). This is a step in the right direction.

  3. Geraldine says:

    thank you

  4. Rene'e says:

    I have only been doing research on plastics and toxins for about 7 years. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am that EWG has been able to accomplish this monumental and historical task. We can only pray that this is just the beginning of more awareness to the toxins that we are introduced to every day – the sad part is that the average person has no idea what they are doing to their bodies – everyone I have tried to educate has the opinion that our government whould not allow us to be poisioned. Education is the key to getting more support. Excellent job – Keep up the good work.

    • Fleur Hervas says:

      Hi Renée,
      I don’t have 7 years of research behind me but I am trying to educate myself and the people around me as much as possible. I am currently creating a document that I intend to pass to my friends and the parents at my kids’ schools. It lists as much as I could gather on the lists of things to avoid (from household products to food). If you had a condensed list of those plastics and toxins to ban and why, that would greatly help me to circulate the information even faster.

      Many thanks in advance,

      • Rene'e says:

        By the way, I am not a scientist, just very concerned. This web-site is the best resource for the list you need. My biggest concern is DEHP (converts to MEHP and Phthalates). Anyone who has a loved-one needing Intravenous therapy (especially Chemo and infants in ICU or expectant mothers – but really noone wants to be injected with toxins – right?) should DEMAND DEHP-free IV tubing. Do not think for one minute that your hospital is looking out for your safety! DEHP-free IV tubes cost more, and hospitals are first motivated by cost (unless yours is a hospital that understands the necessity for toxin-free tubing, there are a few but most are just using DEHP-free in what is considered ‘high-risk areas’) don’t let a nurse tell you the minimal amount of exposure won’t hurt you (many nurses are not educated to DEHP – they openly rely on the manufacturer to provide safe products for their patients and assume that if FDA approved they must be safe) – we are all exposed to phalates everyday and these build-up in your body. Phthalates are endocrin receptors cause brain and nervous system defects, developmental delays, reproduction and fertility are adversely affected, asma, allergies, immune disorders have all been linked. Phthalates are hazardoud toxins and regulated as pollutants and are known to be used as a plasticizer (softener) in PVC (most IV tubes are made from PVC it’s the cheapest). DEHP has been removed from kids toys and passies b/c they chew on them, (not forced by any government agency the companies realized how bad they would look if they continued to use toxic materials) but they continue to allow IV tube manufacturers to make them and shoot the stuff right into our veins. China, Japan, the European Union have banned the use of phthalates in cosmetics and other consumer products – but not the U.S. Our government openly allows the chemical giants to expose us EVERY SINGLE DAY. The FDA has KNOWN for over 40 years and are JUST NOW beginning to do their own studies (results expected this time next year) a slow intruduction to educating the population as not to cause panic (let’s face it – we rely on plastics so much that our economy will be so adversely affected by this announcement that we would go into a depression). From head (shampoo, hair dyes) to toe (flip-flops) to drugs (gel-caps) make-up, vapors from our cars (that new smell – not good) carpets our babies crawl on, those beautify new custom-made cabinets in your kitchens – fill the air with toxins, that sweet smelling baby lotion or your favorite perfume, plastic bags, water bottles (last year in the US we used enough plastic drinking bottles (not to mention milk, juices etc.) to go around the earth 180 times!! We must wake up! The EPA and FDA have established a TI (tolerable intake) of some toxins we are exposed to, but we MUST realize the TI is not based on ALL that we are exposed to, but rather each individual introduction of a product. So, add up all the exposures we get each and every day from that small list I just mentioned…then ask your congressmen to chew on it for a few minutes like our children have for years!!!

      • Rene'e says:

        Ask the parents how many of them chew on pens or pen lids when they are at work or when the children do their homework…hum wonder if the EPA tells the pen manufacturers to use safe materials? Did you know (I won’t name names) a popular men’s hair dye has lead in it! It was only after ladies were going blind that the government stepped in and asked mascara makers to remove lead from their formula! Our government has a consistent problem with waiting until we have adverse events (like cancer, blindness, death) before they step in and say ‘Oh, we should probably consider reducing the amount of said material because it MIGHT cause adverse affects’ and almost always wait years before they do their own studies to confirm what unbias scientist have already discovered. Remember the DEHP I talked about. The FDA told the medical giants to find alternatives over 10 YEARS AGO! Some have come up with alternatives but it has not been inforced by ANY government agency – instead,they are going to do their own studies for the next YEAR. Regulating advertisements is another problem. I’m on my SOAPbox again! Antibac. soap sounds like a great idea, good enough for docs to use b/f surgery must be good enough to keep my kids from virus – too much of a good thing is doing soooo much harm.
        Here is a good source for your parents:
        The Ubiquitous Triclosan ‘A common antibacterial agent exposed’ By Aviva Glaser Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides Vol. 24, No.3, 2004
        I have a saying: “if is smells good, it ain’t good for ya”

      • Fleur Hervas says:

        All I can say is THANK YOU!
        I passed the information to my friends, to the parent’s group I am a member of, and to the principal and my child’s school. He was in total shock and decided to inform all the parents at his school.

  5. Irene Carlson says:

    Thank you for all your effords on our behalf. Irene Carlson BC Canada

  6. In Buzby says:

    I add comments on every blog I read. I have nothing conversational to add to the topic so feel free to delete this comment but thanks for taking the time to write it.

  7. GLORIA J. O'REILLY says:

    THRILLED. I recently suffered a horrible itchy rash to dishwashing soap that touted it left your hands soft due to adding an ingredient from a major makeup company, it is methylisothiazolinone. I went into a dollar store to look for a stapler. I examined beauty aand BABY PRODUCTS; ALL CONTAINED THE CHEMICAL. 8 years ago, my 72 yr. old HUSBAND suffered for 1 year w/this until I made the DR do tests for Chemicals. ONE WAS THIS! Deleting it cured him of crying round the clock, w/pus coming from his eyes!