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About EWG Midwest

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. We conduct original, evidence-based research that is designed to simplify complex problems and encourage informed debate.  We educate and inspire people, businesses, and governments to take action to protect human health and the environment.

EWG Midwest, based in Ames, Iowa, brings EWG’s trademark combination of research, communications and advocacy to bear to move farming and natural resources policy in more sustainable directions  — directions that protect public health and promote clean water, healthy soil and effective habitat. Our goal is to tell the truth about what is happening—good and bad—in our rural environment.  We give considerable attention to the Midwest due to the intensity of commodity production and substantial environmental challenges faced by the region, but our research spans agricultural watersheds across the nation.

Using data analysis, geospatial tools, and original research we produce reports, simplify data, and generate visual aids to help opinion leaders, policy makers and concerned citizens understand where corrective action is urgently needed.  Our work is distributed publicly through the media, the EWG website, Ag Mag blog, and EWG-Midwest staff members regularly appear at conferences and legislative hearings, present research for reporters and policymakers, and participate in state and federal consultative processes to deliver our findings.

Clean water, sustainable land use, responsible energy policies, functional conservation programs, and an environment free of man-made human health impacts are not threats to agriculture and economic development—they are cornerstones to the long-term success of both.  Our efforts are designed to build confidence that a thriving agricultural community and a healthy environment are not only achievable, but can go hand-in-hand.

We appreciate your interest in our work.  You can follow the work of the EWG Midwest office via this segment of the EWG website, and by subscribing to our monthly newsletter .  Our staff is also active on Twitter, and we invite you to join us there.

Together, we can bring about change that matters.

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