PFAS contamination across Tribal Lands (August 16, 2021)

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PFAS contamination across Tribal Lands (August 16, 2021)

140 confirmed, 2,815 suspected PFAS contamination sites within five-mile boundaries of Tribal Lands

Highly toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are now detected in the environment and people worldwide, and across the United States. Thousands of locations in the U.S. have confirmed PFAS pollution in the water, and tens of thousands of industrial or municipal sites are either known to produce and/or use PFAS or are a suspected source for PFAS releases into air and water.

This map compiles data on confirmed and suspected PFAS contamination sources within five miles of Tribal Land boundaries in the United States. The GIS layer representing Tribal Lands comes from the U.S. Census 2020 American Indian Area Geography data, serving only as a proxy for Tribal Lands and not constituting an endorsed or official boundary.

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