Sydney Evans
Science Analyst
Washington, D.C.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pesticides
  • PFAS
  • Tap water

Press Contact

To schedule an interview with Sydney Evans, contact:


  • M.P.H., Environmental Health, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • B.A., Chemistry, University of Virginia


Sydney Evans focuses primarily on tap water contaminants, exposure analysis and children’s health. Before joining EWG’s research team, Evans worked as an environmental health specialist at a local health department in Indiana. She has also served as a guest lecturer for Indiana University’s environmental health classes.

In the News

“Right now, water contaminants are assessed and regulated one at a time, but mixtures of a large number of contaminants are present in tap water. This cumulative risk assessment will help to estimate how mixtures of chemicals might affect health, so that community water systems and elected officials can look for new approaches to better protect water quality.”
- Sydney Evans
September 19, 2019
“Drinking water contains complex mixtures of contaminants, yet government agencies currently assess the health hazards of tap water pollutants one by one. In the real world, people are exposed to combinations of chemicals, so it is important that we start to assess health impacts by looking at the combined effects of multiple pollutants.”
- Sydney Evans
September 19, 2019
“We want people to realize that water that meets legal specifications may still cause health risks based on the latest science. This is a concern nationwide, whether urban or rural, with a small or large [water system].”
- Sydney Evans
September 19, 2019
“Industrialized farming relies heavily on nitrate fertilizers that can run off into the water table used by drinking water utilities.”
- Sydney Evans
June 12, 2019
“It’s important for people to realize that legal doesn't necessarily mean safe. People tend to take the safety of their tap water for granted because it’s being monitored, tested, and treated. But there's a big discrepancy between what’s legal and what science says is safe.”
- Sydney Evans
October 23, 2019
“I think a lot of people take their tap water for granted. They assume it’s tested, monitored and treated. These are risks in tap water now that are perfectly legal. The truth is, arsenic is in our drinking water and it is contributing to cancer risk across the United States.”
- Sydney Evans
September 26, 2019
“There’s a lot that we don’t know about pesticide exposure, especially when we’re consuming many different pesticides at once.”
- Sydney Evans
April 8, 2019
“We also include recommended questions to ask your elected officials about water quality to start that conversation on a local level so we can start making changes, figure out what we need to do to strengthen these regulations and also support our water treatment systems and provide the resources and infrastructure that we need to get this better water quality.”
- Sydney Evans
October 23, 2019

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