Scott Faber
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
Washington, D.C.

Areas of Expertise

  • Agricultural policy
  • Chemicals legislation
  • Consumer products legislation
  • EPA
  • FDA

Press Contact

To schedule an interview with Scott Faber, contact:


  • J.D., Georgetown University Law Center
  • B.A., History, University of Michigan


Scott Faber leads EWG’s government affairs efforts, in which capacity he has frequently testified before Congress on food, farm, energy, water and chemical policy issues. Faber is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center. Faber is one of EWG’s top spokespeople and is a frequent source for journalists with national and regional media outlets. Faber has appeared on network and cable news programs and in documentary films, and he is regularly quoted in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, Politico and, among many others.


In the News

“Even under the best of circumstances it’s hard to pass bipartisan legislation that is supported by industry and public health groups, and her voice will help get this legislation across the finish line.”
- Scott Faber
April 24, 2018
“It’s like socialism cubed and for people who overwhelmingly vote Republican.”
- Scott Faber
September 21, 2018
“The government is and will continue testing chemicals on animals – it’ll just be human animals. Rhetorically speaking, it seems like EPA is showing more concerns for lab rats than the people the agency is charged with protecting.”
- Scott Faber
October 25, 2019
“Changing diets is hard; changing how we farm to reduce emissions and store carbon is easy. Simply rejoining the Paris Accord – without a credible plan to meet even tougher targets – is not enough.”
- Scott Faber
August 8, 2019
“Congress should not wait for President Trump’s EPA to act. The final NDAA must quickly end the Defense Department’s use of PFAS in firefighting foam and food packaging, and kick-start efforts to clean up legacy PFAS pollution.”
- Scott Faber
September 11, 2019
“It’s long past time for Congress to act. Consumers have the right to know whether these products, widely used by American kids, are contaminated with a known carcinogen that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.”
- Scott Faber
“These are companies that knew these chemicals were toxic, knew they built up in blood, knew they had a long half-life in the human body, and failed to tell anyone. They didn’t tell their neighbors, they didn’t tell their workers, they certainly didn’t tell the government officials charged with regulating this risk.”
- Scott Faber
September 10, 2019
“The detection tells us that military members have likely been drinking contaminated water for decades. And it’s only in the last few years that the idea of taking steps to ensure that the water being served on base is being filtered. No effort is being made to alert service members they may have been drinking contaminated water for decades.”
- Scott Faber
September 18, 2019

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