Founding Members

EWG VERIFIED™ Founding Members are those companies who were the first to join EWG's new verification program. These companies have a history of working to create healthier products and giving consumers more information on ingredient labels.

Why did they join EWG VERIFIED™?

Beautycounter is mission-driven — we use a rigorous ingredient selection process to ensure we're making safer, effective skin care and beauty products, while simultaneously working to move the market and policy toward cleaner, healthier ingredients. Early participation in the EWG VERIFIED™ program is in full alignment with who we are.”


Beautycounter founder and CEO

MyChelle is thrilled to join the EWG VERIFIED™ program. For 15 years, we have focused on clean, conscious, and ethically sourced products with full transparency in ingredient labeling — complying with EWG's strict standards and policies. As a part of this new initiative, we look forward to spreading this important message to consumers who look to EWG for information that empowers people to live healthier lives.”


MyChelle Dermaceuticals CMO


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