Get the Mark

Do you want the EWG VERIFIED® mark on your products? Here are the important documents to fill out to help us ensure that your products qualify for our mark. We recommend that you read this page before you start the application so you can familiarize yourself with the process and the required documentation.

How to join the EWG VERIFIED® program

Phase 1. Product submission – complete the application form here.

a. Fill in all required fields.

b. Upload the required documents.

c. Upload one PDF which includes all submitted product labels.

d. Submit application payment.

e. You will receive an update on progress and next steps.

Phase 2. Substantiation – provide additional documents.

a. If your product is eligible to move forward, you will be required to submit documents to prove your product complies with applicable restrictions (details will be provided).

b. Once these documents have been submitted, you will be notified whether your product has been approved, is ineligible for licensing, or requires further documentation.

If the product is approved, you will receive the licensing contract and master affidavit.

When the contract is finalized, you will receive access to and training on how to use the mark.


Note: You may not use the EWG VERIFIED® mark until your products have been assessed and you have entered into a signed written licensing agreement.