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Top Five Reasons To Shop With EWG VERIFIED™

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


EWG’s Skin Deep®, launched in 2004, transformed the way you shop for personal care and cosmetics items. Two years ago, we introduced the Skin Deep® barcode scanning app to make shopping on-the-go even easier.

Now we’re taking an even deeper dive to revolutionize the marketplace once again with EWG VERIFIEDTM. The new EWG verification mark is designed to help you identify healthier products, right at the point of purchase.

Only items that meet our strict standards can display the EWG VERIFIEDTM mark on their packages or online sites.

Why should you look for the EWG VERIFIEDTM mark the next time you shop?

1. It empowers you to make healthier choices. The government hardly regulates cosmetics. To pick healthier products, you can scan ingredient labels and learn hundreds of ingredient names and potential exposure hazards, as our EWG scientists have done. Or you can do it the easy way and look for the EWG VERIFIEDTM mark while you’re shopping – online or in stores, knowing EWG did the research for you.

2. It ensures products fully disclose all ingredients so you know exactly what you’re getting.  You can rest easier knowing that every ingredient meets our stringent criteria– and that you know each and every ingredient in the bottle. EWG VERIFIEDTM prevents companies from hiding potentially harmful ingredients behind terms like “fragrance.”

3. It holds cosmetics makers to an even higher standard than Skin Deep. Items with the EWG VERIFIEDTM mark must score a “green” rating in EWG’s Skin Deep®, be free of substances on our “unacceptable” list and meet limits outlined in our “restricted” list. They must also fully disclose all ingredients and follow good manufacturing practices.

4. It is convenient. You probably already know that many common ingredients in personal care products may not be good for your health. But who wants to stand in an aisle and squint at labels? The EWG VERIFIEDTM mark gives you a fast way to spot healthier items.

5. It will move the market. By giving people more information, we’ve helped change their shopping habits. More and more cosmetics companies have responded with healthier offerings.  Together, we can put pressure on cosmetic makers to reformulate products with chemicals that don’t threaten our health.

While personal care aisles are still filled with items that contain harmful or potentially harmful ingredients, they are moving in the right direction. Ultimately we hope to expand EWG VERIFIEDTM  to other important categories – such as household cleaners and food so we can continue to push the market and guide you as you shop, in the personal care aisle and beyond, showing you which items have met our mark for your health.

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