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Monday, March 12, 2012

Here's a look at what the Environmental Working Group staff has been up to lately, and how our research, advocacy and commentary are being covered in the press.

We released a letter with 109 signatures of environmental, health and religious groups concerned about the President's endorsement of natural gas.

Campbell's Soup made a commitment to eliminate BPA from its cans.

The maker of Brazilian Blowout settled a class action suit by agreeing to pay a small amount to anyone who bought or used its product and experienced ill side effects.

EWG in the news: WebMD: Questionable Chemicals Found in Household Products The new research "confirms many of our concerns about the widespread use of suspect chemicals in consumer products, particularly air fresheners, dryer sheets, and sunscreens," says Sonya Lunder, MPH, senior analyst for the Environmental Working Group.

E&E News PM: EPA plans to start 7 risk assessments in 2012 Jane Houlihan of the Environmental Working Group said the first seven chemicals are well known in the public health world..."While Congress and the chemical industry can't agree on a legislative fix to help shield the public from toxic substances, the Obama EPA under Administrator Jackson continues to do what it's supposed to do: protect people and the environment."

Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide: EPA to conduct safety reviews on 83 highly toxic chemicals "The list of chemicals EPA has targeted reads like a rogue's gallery of carcinogens, neurotoxic substances and chemicals that could cause serious organ damage," Jane Houlihan, senior vice president for Research at the Environmental Working Group, said in a statement.

Faith and Family Reviews: Kid-Safe Chemicals, Must See Video This is a must see video if you are even remotely curious or concerned with the amount of chemicals our children are exposed to today. Thanks to the Environmental Working Group (

Green Right Now (Austin CBS): Campbell's Soup vows to remove BPA from can linings "Unlike some of its competitors, Campbell's has listened to its customers' concerns," said Jane Houlihan, Senior Vice President for Research at EWG. "It plans to remove this toxic chemical, which is associated with a very long list of serious health problems, many of which are on the rise among Americans."

KATC 2(Lafayette, La.): Study Links Common Household Products to Asthma The new research "confirms many of our concerns about the widespread use of suspect chemicals in consumer products, particularly air fresheners, dryer sheets, and sunscreens," says Sonya Lunder, MPH, senior analyst for the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental organization.

Working Mother: Chemicals of Concern for our Children  

In fact, an alarming study by the Environmental Working Group found that at least 287 hazardous industrial chemicals pass through the placenta to the fetus. 

The Aspen Times: Conservation groups call Obama to task over his remarks on oil and gas The letter was penned by Kenneth Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, and signed by representatives of 109 organizations.

KPCC: Oil fracking in Baldwin Hills: The controversial process gets a hearing

The meeting comes weeks after a report from the activist Environmental Working Group that accused state officials of failing to track fracking or collect enough data to assess its safety.

KBOO (Portland, Ore.): Evening News, Tuesday March 6, 2012 Alex Rindler, Government Affairs Associate at EWG, discusses the coalition letter to President Obama regarding his embrace of domestic natural gas drilling.

FuelFix: Activists question Obama's support for natural gas boom

"Although we were encouraged by your stated commitment to safe development of natural gas reserves and by your insistence on disclosure of chemicals used in drilling on federal lands, we were troubled by your claim that government investment in shale gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing has been a clear-cut success story," wrote the activists and groups, including the Environmental Working Group.

Air Pollution News: California government has no idea fracking is happening According to a report just released by the Environmental Working Group, fracking is much more common in California than the regulators would like you to believe.

The Gaia Reports: Good Morning California! How Long Have Gas Companies Been Fracking Around In Your Backyard? ...a team of EWG investigators has unearthed dozens of industry documents and academic papers indicating that the practice has been going on in at least six California counties for 60 years or more.

Green Right Now (Austin CBS): Coalition asks President Obama to listen to the whole fracking story The appeal, contained in a March 5 letter penned by Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and signed by dozens of environmental and community groups from around the country, also asked the president to realize that industry claims that the US harbors a 100-year supply of natural gas deposits may be overstated.

News Inferno: Brazilian Blowout Settles Class Action Lawsuit

"A rudimentary understanding of chemistry could debunk the 'formaldehyde free' claims that Brazilian Blowout was making," said David Andrews, PhD, senior EWG scientist. "While the company now acknowledges that formaldehyde is in its product, that does not mean the product is safe to use."

Secret Beauty: Chemical Compounds in Sunscreen The Environmental Working Group claims that more than 84 percent of sunscreen lotions with high SPF levels actually failed to protect sunbathers against all harmful rays, they quickly lose their effectiveness, or their chemical ingredients do more harm than good.

Newsmax Health: Can your shampoo cause cancer? According to the Environmental Working Group, only about 11 percent of the over 10,500 ingredients used in personal products have been tested for safety.

KJRH 2 (Tulsa, Okla.): Cosmetics test exposes dangerous chemicals You can find out on a database from the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit research organization that rates the toxicity of 69,000 cosmetic products, including Deopere's foundation.

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