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Tips for Teens: Reevaluate your makeup bag!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Did you know that your cosmetics could harm your health? Your makeup is probably laden with dangerous chemical ingredients that could potentially cause long-term damage. Are you having trouble getting rid of old cosmetics you don't use anymore? Do you find yourself buying the same unhealthy products every time you go to the store? Here are some tips to help you start buying safer and healthier products:


  1. Rid your bathroom and makeup bag of the products you don't use. Make sure you recycle packaging!
  2. Evaluate all of your cosmetics on the Skin Deep database. Check the scores on your products then learn about the different ingredients and the dangerous effects they may have on your health.
  3. Take the information you learned from Skin Deep into consideration when buying new products. Read labels and ingredient lists on products you find in the store.
  4. Instead of buying cheap products to save money, try buying fewer products that are safer and have a low score on Skin Deep. The fewer products you use, the lower your exposure to chemicals and contaminants.
  5. Don't trust all products that say they are natural or organic. Always check with Skin Deep!
  6. Donate to Skin Deep and get our free Quick Tips to Safer Cosmetics wallet guide to use on-the-go while shopping.
  7. Spread the word to your friends and family, and join the conversation about safe cosmetics on Facebook.

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