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Carnival of the Green #212

Friday, January 29, 2010

212 weeks ago the Carnival of the Green began over a pint of beer in London. Now it bounces from green blog to green blog, week after week, around the world. From EcoJoe's last week right here to EWG's Enviroblog.

At EWG, we dish out a lot of (very useful, practical, science-based!) advice on how to live with fewer toxics, so it comes naturally to present this week's Carnival posts as suggestions on different ways to live green - from a host of green bloggers 'round the globe.

You can choose from one of these 14 green living ideas today (more, of course, if you're feeling gung-ho):

1. Dave suggests: Be polite when sharing your environmental zeal. No fair being scary. An aggressive note from a neighbor having to do with the weekly trash, a dead bear, and getting sent back to the east coast. [Enviroblog: Let's hear it for the neighbors!]

2. Jess suggests: Don't drag them kicking and screaming to greenness. Studies indicate that one of the most effective ways to change behavior is to change the default option of any given choice.  On Changing Behavior explores how this aspect of behavioral psychology can be a tool for building a more sustainable world. [Enviroblog: Anything to make it easier!]

3. Beth suggests: Skip the plastic Valentine's madness. Help! The shelves of Walgreen's are spilling over with fake plastic Valentine's gifts, and I just can't decide with one to buy! How will my sweetie know how much I care if I don't spend money on cheap plastic crap for him? [Enviroblog: Excellent array of red & pink plastic goodies, Beth]

4. Erin suggests: Cook some vegetarian chili for meatless Monday. The kitchen is usually my domain, and I have a hard time giving up control. But my non-vegetarian husband and I have had an agreement since the early days of our marriage that if he wants to eat meat for dinner, he gets to cook it himself. [Enviroblog: Conquering climate change in the kitchen ain't a bad idea at all]

5. Annette suggests: Use your dusty phone books for something. Something crafty. Until the phone company stops sending us phone books that hit the shelf and never leave, get creative. [Enviroblog: The coffee table is a personal fave]

6. Sally suggests: Improve youngster's eyesight with natural daylight. Nearsightedness has increased 66% in the last 30 years. New research shows that children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop nearsightedness. So, using natural daylight to illuminate classrooms may not only save energy & money and reduce our carbon footprint, but could also improve our children's vision. [Enviroblog: Guess the basement preschool is out]

7. Jessica suggests: Wear green, not white, to your wedding. The first thing when considering a green wedding is the number of guests. Only invite those who are closest and mean the most to you. The more guests you invite, the more that will travel, consume food and waste materials. [Enviroblog: Elope, anyone?]

8. Renee suggests: Understand and use mushroom compost. Mushroom compost is actually the compost that mushroom growers make in which to grow mushrooms. What you buy is the by-product of this growing process after the mushrooms are harvested. [Enviroblog: Thinking this is different than me tossing mushroom stems in my backyard compost]

9. Tania suggests: Use cloth diapers. They're good lookin' these days. Gone are the flat white prefolds, pins and plastic pants of the baby boomer generation. In are creations that are easy to use, come in a variety of styles, colors and prints, which appeal on a whole new level. Who knew you could dress your baby's bottom in pink and purple leopard print diaper? [Enviroblog: Indeed.]

10. June suggests: Lower your utility bill with new appliances. We've recently found out how successful our plan was to replace a couple of ailing appliances that we inherited from the former owners of our home. Some couple of decades old, one appliance was our standard white fridge and the other was our groaning washer. [Enviroblog: The ol' spend $ to save $]

11. Case suggests: Pick furniture made from reclaimed wood. The green movement has taken over the furniture industry. Most people are surprised to learn that green furniture can be made of wood. Sure, there is the recycled material made from bottles and cans. For those who love the look of real wood, there are two options: reclaimed or sustainable wood. [Enviroblog: Real treehugging!]

12. Marie suggests: Hit the streets for the environment (the student way)! My school had the opportunity to ask questions with David Suzuki on a skype interview. A brief summary of his thoughts are included, and a call to action this Earth Day, the 40th anniversary of the first. Can we get millions of people on the street again? [Enviroblog: Will it help?]

13. The Smarter Wallet suggests: Get that hybrid car, even if gas prices are down. Two important trends: One, Detroit and other manufacturers are finally getting the message that less is better, and two, American consumers are decidedly moving in greater numbers to smaller, more efficient cars and trucks as their desire to save money on gas remains a strong priority.

14. Alex says: Question Monsanto - and Forbes. Clearly, the only criterion Forbes magazine uses when determining which U.S. corporation wins its yearly "Company of the Year" title must be profit. That's the only way to explain how a company as notorious as Monsanto could possibly get the nod for 2009 from the mag, which proclaims itself "The Capitalist Tool." [Enviroblog: Yes, this is from EWG's very own Ag Mag]

You'll find next week's Carnival on The Fun Times Guide. Check it out.

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