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Who would do all this research if EWG weren't around?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Special to Enviroblog by Bonnie Raitt & Erin Brockovich

You know I like giving people something to talk about.

Erin's the same way. Some might call us rabble-rousers, but we're just speaking up about the things that matter -- like making our planet greener and the products we use safer.

That's why we work with EWG. The folks at EWG also aren't afraid to shake things up if that's what it takes to give people the information they need to make this world a better place.

We count on EWG to educate us about risks and help us make better choices. But they can't do it without our help. Right now, if they don't make their 2009 fundraising goals, their research could be in jeopardy next year. If you help them reach their goal, a generous donor has agreed to match your gift, and... you'll get a free "Dirty Dozen" magnet, reminding you about produce and pesticides.

Give a $5 tax-deductible donation now so EWG can keep doing all of their important research in 2010.

I'm blown away by everything EWG does.

Just this past week, they released the latest update to their National Drinking Water Database with The New York Times. You can use the database to look up the chemical pollutants in your tap water and learn what you can do to protect your family against them.

Who would do all this research if EWG wasn't around?

So what are the things that really tick you off? Toxins in your moisturizer? Pesticides in your vegetables? Cancer-causing chemicals in your cleaning supplies? Let's face it -- EWG is at the forefront of organizations protecting us. So we need to help them -- today.

Make a $5 tax-deductible donation now so EWG can keep doing all of their important research in 2010.

About that nuclear waste... Remember back in 2002, when the government came up with that insane idea of transporting 77,000 tons of radioactive waste to Nevada and burying it under Yucca Mountain? I called it a "mobile Chernobyl." So EWG created an incredible online tool to help you figure out how close the traveling nuclear waste would get to your neighborhood.

And that water quality in California... EWG has also been helping Erin out with her battle to limit the amount of Chromium-6 in California's tap water. EWG helped uncover how Pacific Gas and Electric secretly paid a consulting firm to downplay the dangers of Chromium-6, which stopped the regulation process and put 33 million Californians at risk. Now it's back on track.

Change begins with each of us We strongly believe that change begins with each of us. It starts with one person speaking out, one person choosing to buy the healthy and safe products, one person taking a stand against polluters and unresponsive government bureaucrats. United, our voices grow louder and louder. We ask you to join your voice with ours today.

I've been working to protect people from nuclear waste pollution for more than 30 years. Erin's been trying to make our water safe for 18 years. We're in it for the long haul, and so is EWG. We can't drop the ball now. We've got to keep fighting. But we need your help.


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