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Watch this: Mt. Sinai Center for Environmental Health on children

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is Part 1 of a two part video filmed at the Mount Sinai Childrens Environmental Health Centers 2nd Annual Greening Our Children Benefit.

In this video, Mrs. Rhonda Sherwood and Mr. Bobby Kennedy Jr. describe the increased number of chemicals released into our environment. Mrs. Sherwood focuses on the many ways in which we are exposed to environmental toxins in our everyday lives. Mr. Kennedy goes on to discuss the following themes:

  • The incredible rise in the rate of asthma amongst children born today, especially when considered in light of the fact that in Mr. Kennedys youth it was considered a rare disease;
  • The rapidly growing rates of autism and other neurological disorders amongst children;
  • The insufficiency of current laws governing the use and release of chemicals into our environment;
  • The EPAs inability to conduct research on the toxicity of various drugs and the resulting reliance on industry to conduct research on the safety of their own synthetic chemicals;
  • The influence of corporations on scientific studies being conducted with regards to the safety of synthetic chemicals.

After Mr. Kennedys passionate speech, Dr. Philip J. Landrigan gave his expert opinion on the effects of environmental toxins amongst children today and how we can work together to prevent chronic diseases. To see Dr. Landrigans speech, please view Part 2 of this video.

For more information, visit www.greeningourchildren.org.


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